Ray LC 羅銳

"St. Augustine, like a great artist, had worked from multiplicity to unity, while [I], like a small one, had to reverse the method and work back from unity to multiplicity."
- The Education of Henry Adams.

RAY LC is a human working to build bonds between communities and amongst machines. His practice creates interactions and environments from perspectives of human-machine interaction, new media, and collaborative narratives. He holds a PHD in neuroscience from UCLA and an MFA in design and technology from Parsons School of Design. He is currently creating artistic interventions that illustrate the implicit influences that spatial design has on our perception and behavior.

重點駐場項目:BankArt (東京),New York Hall of Science (紐約科學館),Saari Residence (薩利進駐), Elektron (塔林)
重點展覽:Elektra (蒙特利爾)  , ArtLab (拉合爾), Ars Electronica (林茨)  , NeON Digital Arts Festival (霓虹燈數字藝術節),New Museum (新當代藝術博物館), NY Short Documentary Film Festival (紐約短紀錄片電影節),NeurIPS (溫哥華).
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