關於據點。句點 About Floating Projects

Floating Projects Collective (FPC) 句點。藝術群體


Art Production site 據點藝術工場


SIGNATURE PROJECT 標誌性企劃: D-Normal/V-Essay online video zine 《平地數碼》網上錄像誌 (2020 - ) [visit the zine]


Conceptual Discourse  理念論述 […]




2015.07-2018.07 Floating Projects 1.0 at Wong Chuk Hang


Founded in 2010 and reinvented in 2015 by artist and art professor Linda C.H. Lai with a dozen of emerging artists, the Floating Projects (FP) occupied a 170m2 artistic production site in Wong Chuk Hang industrial area to answer the question: what can artists do with an empty unit in an industrial building with institutionally and physically defined constraints, and how do artists survive beyond the commercial gallery system and a public funds-dependent charity model? In August 2018, the Floating Projects Collective (FPC) moved into a new site in a re-purposed industrial building in Shek Kip Mei’s JCCAC to drive a new phase FP 2.0. Though in a smaller space, it remains a site of collaborative-individuated art experiments after an interdisciplinary and intermedia principle, and continues to interrogate questions of space and being. The collective has grown from 12 to 17 members. We uphold rigorous mutual critique, and an approach to art-making that views a work as always in-progress with generative potentials. We persist in being a place where artists of varied generations could work together, meet in conversations and write about what we do.


FP3.0 began in the autumn of 2021, with our tenancy renewed at JCCAC for another two years. FP3.0 enjoys refreshed energy with 4 new members joining 12 existing players. FP3.0''s general direction is shaped by its players individually and collaboratively, with emerging new emphases: (1) to seriously reflect on the meaning of "collective"; (2) to strengthen our signature "Assemblage" series with systematic annotations to facilitate sharing and future experiments; (3) to maximize the usage of D-Normal/V-Essay online video zine to build a bigger creative community across borders, and (4) to produce zines, based on the 7 years of writing accumulated in Floating Teatime, to generate easy-to-share knowledge and possible educational programs. FP3.0''s general principle is to build on our existing resources to maximize their potential, based on our honored economy principle. Over the years, FP has proved itself to be a unique case for the study of participatory art.


FP2.0 (2018.08), FP3.0 (2021.06-present) at JCCAC, Shek Kip Mei



成立於2010年的「句點」於2015年由藝術家兼藝術教授黎肖嫻重組,發起新一輪的實驗,新加入十幾位才藝各不同的年青藝術創作者,進駐黃竹坑一工廈一個1800尺的「藝術工場」,命名為「據點。句點」。到底在一個土地用途受規管,祇有基本設置的空單位裡,除了標準白格子展覽空間或畫廊之外,還可以做些甚麼?這是我們走在一起的誘因,然後憑著好奇心、實驗的意決,對今時今日香港社會和藝壇,認定個人可作的特殊貢獻,試圖在商業畫廊格局和依賴官方定期資助的慈善式體制外另尋生存之道。2018年8月,「句點」群體轉移陣地,遷至石硤尾的舊工廈改建的藝術村,展開「據點。句點」2.0 (FP 2.0) 新一回合的三年實驗,仍堅守個體自主的協作,探索主體、存活的空間度向,互媒和跨學科的探討。句點群體鼓勵藝術家之間自發、雙向的評論與交流, 並倡導“持續延展式創作”的理念,視所有藝術創作為永遠在進行中,可持續張開,有延伸發展下去的潛質。我們尤其支持以研究為本的創作方法,強調發現、整合理論 。藝術活動是創新的參與和生活,與別人和社群連結,打破年齡資歷和背景的界限,分享經驗、資源、知識,同時透過小聚,研討會、工作坊、展覽及寫作等活動去提升創作的視野,打開更多創作和交流分享的門。


2021年秋季,據點獲批續約2年,在賽馬會創意中心展開「據點3.0」的實驗。四位六月份新加入的成員聯同繼續玩的十二位現有成員,共同模塑3.0的方向。半年來順隨個別的、合體的願景以至周遭環境的機遇,漸漸出現了幾個重點:(一)到底「群體」(collective) 是甚麼?是時候認真全面的審視「群體」在藝術歷史上、當下、和「據點。句點」群體的意義和未來了;(二)「聚疊」是怎樣的一回事?為何值得分享?如何?是時候把據點自發的裝置+表演+視像的藝術方法「聚疊」推進一步,作更有系統的分析、重演、紀錄、以至發展成可以無限延伸、分享的創作性活動;(三)善用已發展的《平地數碼》網上錄像誌平台,進一步改善,鼓勵跨界跨地域的創作和分享;(四)善用已累積了七年多的「據點一杯茶」(據點網頁文字平台)的各類型的文字寫作,出版「小書」進一步分享,並尋求發展出學習項目的可能性。「據點3.0」的整體方向是回顧多年累積的「寶」發大推前,表達某種我們奉行多年的「儉僕經濟」原則。經過這許多年,「據點。句點」不知不覺中,或許已漸成一椿有待研究的「參與性藝術」的個案。


L3-06D, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin St, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon 九龍石硤尾白田街30號 賽馬會創意藝術中心(JCCAC), L3-06D


FPC – FP 2.0 (starting August 2018)

Linda Lai 黎肖嫻 (Founder, Project Experimenter), Wong Chun-hoi 王鎮海 (Artistic Engineer), Lai Wai-leung 黎偉亮 (General Manager) Artists/Members: Emilie Choi 蔡倩怡, John Chow 周皓風, Ding Cheuk-lam 丁卓藍, Andio Lai 黎仲民, Kelvin Lam 林建才, Jess Lau 劉清華 (overseas), Lee Kai-chung 李繼忠, Michelle Lee 李可穎, Andy Li 李新傑, Natalie Lo 勞麗麗, Kel Lok 駱敏聰, Wong Chun-hoi 王鎮海, Wong Fuk-kuen 黃福權, Winnie Yan 忻慧妍, Hugo Yeung 楊鳴謙, Bill Tam 譚永標 & MMI (Moving Moving Image: Heidi Wong, W.F. Siu, Kel Lok New members joining FP3.0 (starting June 2021) Michael Leung 梁志剛, Martha Hatch, Carmen Cheng, Ray LC 羅銳, Winsome Wong 黃慧心 Writers: Lai Wai-leung 黎偉亮, Linda Lai 黎肖嫻 … Overseas affiliates: Vicky Do 杜薇, Josef Bares, Theresa Mikuriya Founding Members (2015): Linda Lai 黎肖嫻, Jolene Mok 莫頌靈, Lilian Fu 傅詠欣, Cheung Yu-tsz 張妤子 FP1.0 members: Arkajolie, Queenie Chan 陳君妮, Cheuk Wing-nam 卓穎嵐, Pat Wong(飛天豬), Yiva Wong 黃禮儀, case-open-close || FP1.0 writers: Vanessa Tsai 蔡季妙 (Tai Chung), Allison H. (Taipei) 


Floating Projects Collective (FPC): an incubator for interdisciplinary arts 句點: 一個探索跨界藝術創作的據點


¤ an experiment on dynamic community 探討多方位群體的實驗場 

¤ a meeting point for artists, curators and writers 藝術家、策展人、作家、理論家的交匯處

¤ a testing ground for young, emerging art practitioners 年輕新進藝術創作者的開拓園地 


FPC upholds rigorous mutual critique, and an approach to art-making that views a work as always in-progress with generative potentials. FPC seeks for interdisciplinary models in artistic creation. We combine action research with art-making: art is participation and engagement, and not confined to a specific medium. FPC explores the needs and situations of young emerging artists and addresses them through meetings, forums, exhibitions and writing. 句點鼓勵藝術家之間自發、雙向的評論與交流, 並倡導“持續延展式創作”的理念,視所有藝術創作為永遠在進行中,可持續張開,有延伸發展下去的潛質。 句點提倡跨界、跨學科的藝術創作典範,新舊媒體不拘。我們尤其支持以研究為本的創作方法,創作的過程,就是發現、整合理論、結合不同的研究行為與模式,以實驗為態度。藝術活動是創新的參與和生活,與別人和社群連結。 句點樂意與年輕藝術家分享我們的經驗、資源、知識,同時透過小聚,研討會、展覽及寫作等活動去提升創作的視野,打開更多創作空間。


FPC program – L.E.A.F.S. [WANCHAI phase 2010.02-2014.10]

FPC''s activities in the Wanchai phase began in February 2010. Our event could be summarized as “L.E.A.F.S." 句點由2010年2月開始其工作室活動。我們的項目可以分成 “L.E.A.F.S.” 五項。 

LABORATORY 實驗室*[now WORKSHOP, STOCK-TAKING and ARTISTIC PRODUCTION/2015年6月重組為「工作室」、「點子上倉」、「實驗場」] – young/emerging artists engaging selected audience with relevant expertise to discuss their works-in-progress (open call); a platform for in-depth discussion for on-going artistic experimentation // If you have a proposal, please contact: contact@floatingprojectscollectiven.net – 年輕新進藝術家可以公開邀請觀眾以及相關人士到場探討其意念; 或展示進行中的創作,尋求朋輩間深入討論。歡迎隨時提交議案,請電郵∶ contact@floatingprojectscollective.net 

EXHIBITION 展覽*[now WIP Inspection, STOCK-TAKING and PARTNERSHIP/2015年6月重組為「句點。定期發表」、「點子上倉」、據點演繹」] – maturing work by FPC members and friends published with curatorial input – 完成作品會聯同其他藝術家作品公開展出 

FORUM 討論會*[now WORKSHOPS, STOCK-TAKING and PARTNERSHIP/2015年6月重組為「工作室」、「點子上倉」、「據點演繹」] – talks/seminars/workshops; whenever there’s an expert available; objective: to open up new horizons of art – 講座/座談/工作坊;邀請不同媒體、藝術、學科、軟硬知識的專家,目的是可以開放更多創作方式及視野。 

STUDIO 工作間*[now WORKSHOPS, STOCK-TAKING and ARTISTIC PRODUCTION/2015年6月重組為「工作室」、「點子上倉」、「實驗場」] – 4 artists developing their art projects with regular mutual critique // continuous, on-going // FPC members’ conversations on art-making will sometimes be documented and posted on the website as ART NTOES entries 藝文談暢 – 持續性: 四位藝術創作者進行她們的藝術創作。閉門的定期討論,若與藝術創作有關,將在“藝文談唱”部份發表。 

The JCCAC-based FP2.0 has seen growing presence of FPC artists being invited to show works and create events, as well as overseas residency and cross-regional collaborations. This trend produces a new category: FPC OUTBOUND and FPC IN TOWN 「據點外遊」「據點在城中」  


FLOATING TEATIME [...], edited by Linda Chiu-han Lai ART NOTES 藝文談唱*[expanded in FP2.0 to FLOATING TEATIME with 6 sessions: "Art Notes," “FieldNotes," "Personally Speaking," "Seriously Speaking," "Coffee Fantasia" and "Eat Well Drink Well" /2015年6月擴闊為《據點一杯茶》,共6個分類:「藝文談暢」、「考察中」、「私物語」、「大聲發表」、「咖啡經」和「吃好喝好透心涼」] – The featured post on our website. This is a platform devoted to free writing on moving image, contemporary art, cultural events, sound and music, literature and media/art theories. Young, emerging as well as mature writers share the same platform. We promote writing methods and styles that need not be confined to the binary opposites of journalistic-versus-academic genre division. Every writer should have her/his own voice and sensibilities, mobilizing her/his own cognitive and perceptual resources. Our plan is that the accumulation of writings over time should lead to regular, purposeful seminars and workshops to discuss what it means by art-writing and what to do with it. **All viewpoints expressed are the authors'' own and do not represent the Collective''s collective view. 「據點一杯茶」文章內容皆作者本人觀點,並不代表群體整體意見。 一個發表的平台,環繞文化藝術創作課題,評論、隨筆、散記、理論陳述、特寫…以至跨類型的實驗性體裁均可。強調不同寫作人發展個別獨立的聲音,不必依附雜誌學術悠閒理論等不必要的割裂界分;也無須以年齡輩分去辨析書寫。宏亮、多聲度。這是“藝文談唱” 的理念。 起步的階段,我們以‘收集’為重點,往後繼而匯編、研討,發展理念,探求更開放活潑的寫作。 This page is edited by Linda Lai. To contribute to ART NOTES, please send to: lindalai@floatingprojectscollective.net



句點 --> 據點。句點 FPC (Floating Projects Collective) --> FP 1.0 (Floating Projects 1,0 @ Wong Chuk Hang) 2015.06 --> FP 2.0 (JCCAC, Shek Kip Mei) 2018.08 --> FP3.0 (JCCAC) 2021.09

In June 2015, a dozen more young artists joined FPC to start a new round of experiments in an industrial premise in Wong Chuk Hang, mission titled "Floating Projects." To comply with the Lands Department''s restrictions on landuse, FP is primarily a site for artistic production whereas our work-in-progress (WIP) will be intermittently shared to the public in our open-door "Floating Events." Whether we are in the middle of artistic production or showing WIP of FPC members and friends, visitors are welcome to chat, hang out, use our library or access our on-site digital archive, every day 2:00-8:00pm except Mondays. In August 2018, we completed the first 3-year experiment and migrate to Shek Kip Mei''s JCCAC for our next 3-year experiment FP 2.0. Several members left and new members arrived. The FP Collective grew from the initial 4 members to 19 (including founder and manager). Our doors are open 2:00-8:00pm every day except Mondays. In September 2021, with our lease at JCCAC renewed for 2 more years, FP3.0 began by welcoming 4 new members, looking for approaches for more long-term sustainability and reflection on the meaning of a collective in our time. 2015年6月據點起步。十多位年青藝術家加入句點藝術群體,在黃竹坑一工廈單位進行新一輪的藝術探索,名為““據點。句點”。因應地政署土地使用的規條,以藝術工廠為基調,而“打開門”(見上述活動類別)就是我們和友好定期與訪客分享實驗場上的中期成果。無論“打開門“或是實驗場製作進行中,歡迎隨時探訪。2018年8月,我們完成了FP 1.0的實驗,遷至石硤尾JCCAC 展開FP 2.0實驗,繼續打開門,除星期一外,隨時歡迎下午二至八來坐坐,聊聊,喝杯茶,使用我們圖書館和資料庫的珍寶。



FP's signature event: FP Assemblage, live performance of object installation and sound-making
Floating Projects Collective 2023