Andio Lai's solo: "Always Constructing" 黎仲民:《不停建構》
Cinema After Cinema《電 影 後 電 影》新書發佈
Kinchoi Lam's book release and art exhibition 小高的遊樂場:林建才新書發佈及原畫展
《看不見的城市》工作坊講座與展演系列 INVISIBLE CITIES... a transmedia workshop series leading to a group exhibition
Ana-Cartography II
Perilous Playground: a Gathering 冒險極樂園:分享會
DROP BY FP - Artist Sharing by reConvert
Toy As Medium 3 |玩具媒介 3
Yan-Cheng Chen 陳彥呈《I Have Fish 年年有魚》/ HKIPF exhibition at FP
「家庭為本」:深水埗區劏房特殊教育(SEN)兒童及家庭生活展覽 Living in Subdivided/Partitioned flats in HK: a show on children of special needs in Shamshuipo
Floating Projects Collective 2024