《在不太遙遠的很久以前》Too Long Ago, Not Far
FP's Winsome Wong and Linda Lai in "Mending Years" -- Gallery L0, JCCAC, until 12 July 「縫補歲月」:據點黎肖嫻和黃慧心與三位創作者的聯展
Floating Projects @ BOOKED 2023, Taikwun: on Contemporary Living「據點」小誌天南地北。大館書展2023: 活在當下
Ways of Running and Embracing《奔跑和擁抱的方式》
Performance: Floating Projects Assemblage at Asia Art Archive 表演 | 據點。句點 | 文獻庫聚疊
"Circuit: Cinema & Meditation" workshop series  「虛遊迴路:冥想與非主流電影院」共享工作坊
Circuit: Cinema & Meditation 虛遊迴路:冥想與非主流電影院 2023.02.11-26
Micro Narratives 2022: on site at Floating Projects now until 11 Jan 2023
Micro Narratives 2022: performative videography
Video Forum : A Story of One’s Own 我所知她們的私己事
Floating Projects Collective 2023