Floating Projects @ BOOKED 2021: networked subjectivities and expanding self-publishing
Micro Narratives 2021: Layered Vision 微敘事2021:層層看錄像討論分享
PRISMATIC: research thru' exhibiting on bodily interactions
Enduring Care: FP, HK participant in "Day With[out] Art 2021" by Visual AIDS
《世界末日與冷酷異境》動畫分享 Cheng Ka-shing's animation
FP's Sketch 2 再稿 Pop-up 展
D-Normal/V-Essay expanded meeting/learning series: Marathon Video Day: "Video Brushstrokes" |《平地數碼》膨脹學習見面系列錄像馬拉松「放映不足」
D-Normal/V-Essay: A feast of videos, chill with Feaston 錄像盛宴
D-Normal/V-Essay expanding... “Fresh Videos, In-depth Transformation" - 3 views on one's footprints 新鮮錄像:我的足印
D-Normal/V-Essay expanded: sound workshop | 據點《平地數碼》膨脹學習 - 聲音工作坊
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