OWNNESS, 5 Asian artists assert women's bodily control in their own terms
Duo exhibition "Ferocity and Wonderment" by Wong Sin and Ma Wik 汪倩馬域雙個展「殘酷與美好」
Pop up "Make For Green" by Ray LC and Studio for Narrative Space
Floating Projects @ BOOKED 2021: networked subjectivities and expanding self-publishing
Micro Narratives 2021: Layered Vision 微敘事2021:層層看錄像討論分享
PRISMATIC: research thru' exhibiting on bodily interactions
Enduring Care: FP, HK participant in "Day With[out] Art 2021" by Visual AIDS
《世界末日與冷酷異境》動畫分享 Cheng Ka-shing's animation
FP's Sketch 2 再稿 Pop-up 展
D-Normal/V-Essay expanded meeting/learning series: Marathon Video Day: "Video Brushstrokes" |《平地數碼》膨脹學習見面系列錄像馬拉松「放映不足」
Floating Projects Collective 2023