Floating Projects Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.07: No Sense of Touch Sound Collision Inspection 《據點空間壓力測試 0.07》:觸不感聲音碰撞測試
No Sense of Touch - A solo exhibition by Cheuk Wing-nam 觸不感 卓穎嵐個人展覽
Spatial pressure Calibration 0.06 ¬ Manual Operation of the Mechanical Landscape 據點空間壓力測試0.06 – 手動機械風景
Microwave International New Media Art Festival 2016 -Project Room 微波國際新媒體藝術節-實驗H場
Object-Subjectivities: FPC performing at NO REFERENCES 《重塑「東西遊戲」》/據點。句點群體演出於《沒有先例》
“Slow-So TV” -Ann Eilathan's Gaze  A solo exhibition by Natalie Lo Lai Lai 漫慢電視 – 安.伊莉亞森的凝視  勞麗麗個人展覽
DIALOGUE with artist Takuro Kotaka 有偈傾 – 藝術家小鷹拓郎 “How to occupy your heart”「如何佔領你的心」
On the Road 2016 | Part IIIB - On Documentary Fashion Photography
On the Road 2016 | Part II (Perspectives- A series of installation)
Public Workshop series #1- How to Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone
Floating Projects Collective 2023