‘New Territories’, Charles Richardson
Back and Forth: Hanging there, Going where 《徊放 / 前後:掛在那邊,去哪邊》(Micro Narratives 微叙事 2017)
Charles Richardson - Capturing Reality - Sessions in 3D-photoscanning
Start from seeing Solo Exhibition by Samson Cheung | 從觀看說起 張才生個展
Toy as Medium - Playing Projects 玩具之間-《玩動日》
"Monster Assemblage" Workshop 《用剩物,砌怪物》工作坊
Toy as Medium: FP Assemblage 玩具之間- 句點聚疊
大頭落山: 畢業作品放映會 (最後一場:據點。句點)[Be the First Rolling Stones! Go down the hill, have our own screening]
A Door will Open and You will Walk Through it - 16mm Films for One and Two Projectors by Simon Liu & Josh Lewis
Recurrence: two-person exhibition by Jess Lau and Kin-choi Lam 「複本」:劉清華、林建才雙人展
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