Elemental Dynamite: Research on Intermedia Practices in Animated Pictures 原格破裂 – 動畫的互媒實驗綜覽
慢條斯理狗 doggie go doggie: slowly not necessarily surely 王十七平 x 王和平  solo exhibition 17ping x wong ho pin peace  #masquerade #cosplay
Floating Projects overseas upcoming (Aug-Oct) 據點外遊8-10月
日常飲像影食3 :「 間房要不要牆? 」Have a Balanced Diet 3: Home Making
2019.07.12-26 日常飲像影食3 :「 間房要不要牆? 」 Have a balanced diet 3 : Home making
Floating Projects Artist Residency Program  Outbound | edition #2 (2019 fall) Call for Application 據點.句點  海外駐留支援計劃(2019秋)  申請募集
Right Here, Left Now, Out There 在這,仍在,現在 | Micro-Narrative 微敘事 2019
Money Supply - Huang Anlan's Solo Exhibition 貨幣供應  | 黃安瀾個展
Latin American narratives and visual experimentation 來自拉丁美洲的敘事及視覺實驗
MANIFESTO #2, open call to videographers 我的錄像宣言#2 徵集作品及個人宣言
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