AGE # x - Anti-Gravity Eclecticism & Anti-Greetings Extremism
微叙事: 一簇索引 , 滿地熒光 錄像投影裝置  | Micro-Narratives Expanding: Invented Time-Space Video installation
Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.04: synchronising winter after 3 years | 據點空間壓力測試 0.04 : 三年後的同步過冬
Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.03: Jeng Wo | 據點空間壓力測試 0.03: 堅 JAM
Ou topus 無止境(01): a series on comics and sequential art 一個有關「漫畫 - 連環藝術」的切磋系列
WCH Assemblage #3: Jeng Wo |黃竹坑聚疊(三):堅砌
Kenji Wong's Exercise I & II |   王偉健的《兩個練習》
Book Launch + Ambience Intervention: SOFT IMAGE: Towards a New Theory of the Digital Image
Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.02- Post SICD temporary Grassroots youth art workers 2015- | 據點空間壓力測試 0.02 - 後南港島藝術區臨時草根青年工人們2015
WCH Assemblage #2: I reached out to a stone and picked up a box of paper butterflies |黃竹坑聚疊(二):當摸著石頭,拾了一箱紙蝴蝶
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