FP's Winsome Wong and Linda Lai in "Mending Years" -- Gallery L0, JCCAC, until 12 July 「縫補歲月」:據點黎肖嫻和黃慧心與三位創作者的聯展
Floating Projects @ BOOKED 2023, Taikwun: on Contemporary Living「據點」小誌天南地北。大館書展2023: 活在當下
Performance: Floating Projects Assemblage at Asia Art Archive 表演 | 據點。句點 | 文獻庫聚疊
Floating Projects @ BOOKED 2021: networked subjectivities and expanding self-publishing
D-Normal/V-Essay: A feast of videos, chill with Feaston 錄像盛宴
Hong Kong Collective Independent Art Spaces Fundraiser 【香港獨立藝術空間群體籌款活動】
"Levitated Potentiality 2": Floating Projects & Writing Machine Collective at FLAME Festival HK
Elemental Dynamite Mid-Autumn Season:  "Phantom Horizons" @ Floating Projects. Robert Seidel's program for Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien 《原格破裂》之「幻地平線」
Regional Experimentation I & II: "Photographic Survey" & "Free Radicals" double-bill 地域實驗 I-II :「圖像勘測」及「游離基」兩個節目一場播放
Elemental Dynamite: Research on Intermedia Practices in Animated Pictures 原格破裂 – 動畫的互媒實驗綜覽
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