Circuit: Cinema & Meditation 虛遊迴路:冥想與非主流電影院 2023.02.11-26
Micro Narratives 2022: on site at Floating Projects now until 11 Jan 2023
Micro Narratives 2022: performative videography
Video Forum : A Story of One’s Own 我所知她們的私己事
私己事 A Story of One's Own
李祉昕《浪漫史》Cher: How I met your mother | Photo Installation | FP open door
那藝織思 Nexus between Art, Practice & Research
OWNNESS, 5 Asian artists assert women's bodily control in their own terms
Pop up "Make For Green" by Ray LC and Studio for Narrative Space
Micro Narratives 2021: Layered Vision 微敘事2021:層層看錄像討論分享
Floating Projects Collective 2023