《在不太遙遠的很久以前》Too Long Ago, Not Far

《在不太遙遠的很久以前》Too Long Ago, Not Far

Floating Project Open Door: Winnie Yan Solo

YAN Wai Yin: Too Long Ago, Not Far

15.9.2023 - 8.10.2023*


無論身處何方,只要見到有鳥飛過,我都會感到安全。《在不太遙遠的很久以前》徘徊於幾種遠距離、拋物線與迴音之間,形容一段時間內事情重覆發生,記憶不斷一再編寫、交錯連繫和遺忘的壓縮狀態。 承接前作運用鎖碎的日常記錄構建出一個個時空洞,是次展出繼續以各種成像工具延長一節節熟悉的時刻,透過拼貼重組與語言發聲呼喊道別。

No matter where I am, as long as I see birds fly by, I feel safe. In Too Long Ago Not Far, I loiter in contrastive distances between points, parabolas and echos, to describe things that repeat within a certain period of time. Memory has never stopped to (re)write over or cross-link the compressive states of oblivion. Undertaking Yan’s on-going practice of constructing a spatial-temporal void from loose diaries, this current show carries on with deploying image-making tools of all sorts to extend sessions after sessions of familiar moments, thus her way of bidding farewell through collaging, reconstructing and speech renunciation.

Floating Projects | 據點。 句點
JCCAC L3-06D (Tuesday - Sunday 2 - 8pm, Closed on Mondays)

*Yan will be presented on 15 (Fri), 17 (Sun), 23 (Sat), 24 (Sun) and upon request.

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香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council


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