Floating Projects @ BOOKED 2023, Taikwun: on Contemporary Living「據點」小誌天南地北。大館書展2023: 活在當下
2022.04.04 FP Video zine #4 "Voices in the Atmosphere" free access online 「大氣中融融細語」據點網上錄像誌#4期已上載
D-Normal/V-Essay expanding... “Fresh Videos, In-depth Transformation" - 3 views on one's footprints 新鮮錄像:我的足印
D-Normal/V-essay expanded program in June 《平地數碼》六月膨脹學習見面系列
New zines at FP's shop space: Michael Leung with Winnie Yan and Esther Man
《我們的錄像宣言2:記述的衝動》新書發佈見面系列 Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses - book launch series
Arts Go Digital: Digital Normal/Video Essay, an on-line video magazine to launch「平地數碼」:多向創作,持續發表,深化「錄像文章」的開發
林建才手繪連載6集:逆流索引  Quotidian Diversions: Kin-choi Lam in search of time lost in 6 parts
Michael Leung's ON LAND series in the Insurrectionary Agricultural Milieux「在地」系列:梁志剛起義式的農耕氛圍手記
Floating Teatime keeps the window open, kettle on, for you and the collective... 「據點一杯茶」冬暖夏涼,為『據點。句點』和你繼續入氣。
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