《看不見的城市》工作坊講座與展演系列 INVISIBLE CITIES... a transmedia workshop series leading to a group exhibition
Toy As Medium 3 |玩具媒介 3
《在不太遙遠的很久以前》Too Long Ago, Not Far
Ways of Running and Embracing《奔跑和擁抱的方式》
Circuit: Cinema & Meditation 虛遊迴路:冥想與非主流電影院 2023.02.11-26
Micro Narratives 2022: on site at Floating Projects now until 11 Jan 2023
Micro Narratives 2022: performative videography
那藝織思 Nexus between Art, Practice & Research
FP Assemblage returns in Shek Kip Mei 據點「聚疊+空間壓力測試」再現於石硤尾
Niki Siu's week-long POP-UP "Laugh At Last: Gingerbread Man's Destiny"《最後一笑:薑餅人的宿命》蕭麗琦突圍展覽
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