腹語系:微敘思考   Thinking Narratively... "The Ventriloquists"
林建才手繪連載6集:逆流索引  Quotidian Diversions: Kin-choi Lam in search of time lost in 6 parts
Hong Kong Collective Independent Art Spaces Fundraiser 【香港獨立藝術空間群體籌款活動】
"I dream of wires"  錄像討論會 Video Forum + Spatial Pressure Re-calibration 0.00  空間壓力再測試 0.00
Michael Leung's ON LAND series in the Insurrectionary Agricultural Milieux「在地」系列:梁志剛起義式的農耕氛圍手記
Floating Teatime keeps the window open, kettle on, for you and the collective... 「據點一杯茶」冬暖夏涼,為『據點。句點』和你繼續入氣。
Video Manifesto 2 artists meeting up in 4 on-line workshops 「錄像宣言2」創作者在線工作坊
後#MeToo藝術 Post #MeToo Art
Dystopian Re-Noises Sound & Audio-visual Performance
DROP BY FP – Artist Sharing by Jack Wolf & Paul Kolling  : 'Break of Gauge'
Floating Projects Collective 2024