DIALOGUE with artist Takuro Kotaka 有偈傾 – 藝術家小鷹拓郎 “How to occupy your heart”「如何佔領你的心」
On the Road 2016 | Part IIIB - On Documentary Fashion Photography
On the Road 2016 | Part II (Perspectives- A series of installation)
Public Workshop series #1- How to Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone
So Many Quiet Walks to Take | A Solo Exhibition by Lee Kai Chung 李繼忠個人展覽
Ou topus 無止境 Comics as Fuel 漫畫源料
AYUMI ADACHI Solo Show 影響 Influence of 0.013"
Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.05: hardworking burning challengers 《據點空間壓力測試 0.05》: 勤力勇者
勤力費電 | hardworking burning electricity  -- 王鎮海 不求人展 |  wong chun hoi solo exhibition
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