Wafting Out The Sea 在大海中飄散
停止顯影後,需要一個冷靜的咆哮 -鄭多莉個人展覽 A calm rant is needed after the stop bath- a Dory Cheng Solo
Arts Go Digital: Digital Normal/Video Essay, an on-line video magazine to launch「平地數碼」:多向創作,持續發表,深化「錄像文章」的開發
《夢遊者之夢野》Sleepwalkers’ Vision
A U D I O 音
《宮崎駿動畫的大自然觀》分享會 View of Nature in Hayao Miyazaki's Animations
Be Right Back To Where You’ve Left, Andy Li's solo show. 那天會回到你那邊(李新傑個展)
Highly appraised! Award-winners at "The Ventriloquists...Thinking Narratively" 《腹語系》佳作選出!15天展覽放映研討圓滿結束。4-19 July 2020
The Ventriloquists...Thinking Narratively. Moving Image Screening, 2 evenings, 10-11 July 2020
Floor plan & Listing: The Ventriloquists...Thinking Narratively 《腹語系》平面圖、作品列
Floating Projects Collective 2023