Back to the Void - LEE Ho Wing Solo Exhibition 推回到空處-李可穎個展
DIALOGUE with artist Yusuke Shibata | 有偈傾 – 藝術家柴田祐輔
Relentless Melt No. 4: Integrated Services Audiovisual Network
"1 July 2017 - A Day in Transition"

- Open door forum: 《過渡:壹日》 - 討論會
“Have a Balanced Diet” 2: up and down the color scale over a light bulb 《日常飲像影食 - 盤旋在燈泡上的色階》放映會
La Chinoise, by Sunny Zheng 鄭沅芷說《中國女》
彼岸之地 -文 美 桃    個 人 展 覽   The Distance of Space - Man Mei To   Solo Exhibition
Lingering Liminality: the realm of process, experimentation and the in-between
Maneuverable Strategies in X m2
Ramblings 漫游    by Catherine Clover
Floating Projects Collective 2023