Nothing can come closer 無法取得位置

Nothing can come closer 無法取得位置

Nothing Can Come Closer 無法取得位置 

23 Feb 2019 (Sat) - 17 Mar 2019 (Sun) 

Tue - Fri 星期二至五 2pm-8pm 

Sat - Sun星期六及日 11am-8pm 

Closed on Monday 逢星期一休息 

Opening 開幕: 23 Feb @6:00pm


Curator: WONG Fuk-kuen 策展人: 黃福權 


Artists 藝術家 Lai Chung-man Andio 黎仲民 | Lam Kin-choi 林建才| Lam Siu-wing 林兆榮 | Lau Ching-wa Jess 劉清華 | Wong Chun-hoi 王鎮海 | Wong Fuk-kuen 黃福權| Yan Wai-yin Winnie 忻慧妍 | Yip Kai-chun 葉啟俊 


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--- It has already been two years and a half since my last piece. The current exhibition stemmed from a journey I had half a year ago. To construct a part of “myself” from this experience is as critical as to create. Solo traveling is a dynamic trajectory of life. When you are on your own, without your family around or a temporary work contract, what is left? In such a situation, what are you looking for, what is the relationship between you and your journey, you and yourself? Sometimes, I am more interested in reading the diaries or autobiographies from an artist than his works, an honest confessional account is no less than creation itself. This exhibition honours both. I invited eight artists to show a work about traveling. Some works are inspired by reading, exchanging with others, artist residency or simply a solo journey of drifting around a foreign place. In their works, which aspect is more meaningful? Perhaps it is a question yet to be answered by the audience. 


沒有進行創作已經有兩年半,今天的展覽,卻源自於半年前出走的一趟旅行。這段旅程建構了局部的「自己」,好比創作一樣重要。獨個兒的旅程是活生生的生命軌跡-在只有自己的當下,家庭和工作的制約暫時消失的時候,湧出來的會是甚麼?在這個狀態下,你想尋找甚麼?你與你的旅程和你與你的關係又是甚麼? 看來有時候我會更有興趣看一位藝術家的日記和自傳多於他的作品。真實的軌跡不下於創造出來的。 這次的展覽是自白和創作兩者的結合。我邀請了八位藝術家創作一件建基於旅行的作品。他們都基於不同原因,也許是讀書、交流、藝術家駐場計劃或純粹旅遊,獨自到了一個陌生的地方短暫生活。他們的作品中,那一方面的意義更大?這是一個很有趣的問題,觀眾可以由這個角度思考一番。 


=== Opening (with Travel Fried Rice) 開幕酒會(旅行炒飯) 23/02/2019 (六 Sat) 6pm Conversations & Sharing (closing event) 

閉幕及創作分享 17/03/2019 (日 Sun) 6pm Location 地點 L3-06D , Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) No.30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong 九龍石硤尾白田街30號 賽馬會創意藝術中心(JCCAC) L3-06D 


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