Andio Lai / Voices from “Nothing Can Come Closer” (3) 無法取得位置:弦音(三)

Andio Lai / Voices from “Nothing Can Come Closer” (3) 無法取得位置:弦音(三)

LAI Chung-man Andio 黎仲民

LAI Chung-man Andio 黎仲民

發表於: 15 Mar 2019

NOTHING CAN COME CLOSER 無法取得位置 2019.02.23 – 03.17 @ Floating Projects

// Andio Lai 黎仲民

我在想… 攝影可能是這些旅程的一個共通點。
在 2009 年,一兩年了,在墨爾本讀經濟課,只想回家不想留下來。
在 2014 年,三四個月在聖誕老人村羅凡尼米交流,很想回家又很想留下來。

– 2014 年羅凡尼米拉普蘭大學 Michael Jacobs 的攝影堂筆記
– 攝影課作業:我的角落:每天影同一位置的練習
– 寶麗萊拍下的羅凡尼米天空景觀
– 2014 年記事片段:單車為主
– 2009 年墨爾本相片:放了在家中一角落很久

From my own perspective, traveling to other countries is a very big deal.
Photography might be the common”ground” for all these tours.
In 2009, for 1 to 2 years, I was in Melbourne studying Economics, urging to leave and go home.
Photography was new, it’s direct and intuitive, a way to record everyday lives.
In 2014, for 3 to 4 months, I was at the Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi on an exchange program,
urging to return to HK but also looking for reasons to stay.
Photography is historical, a means and goal of art studies,
a practice full of skills, tools and patience from day to day.
Today, photography is my windows to past memories…. kind of like a bike traveling in time.
This work comprises of 5 sets of artefacts:
– 2014 notes from Photography class by Michael Jacobs, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi
– Photography class assignment- My corner : daily photo-taking of the same spot
– Polaroid images of Rovaniemi
– 2014 recordings: fragments: mostly about bikes
– 2009 pictures of Melbourne: found in some corners at home

《5》 | 黎仲民 | 攝影影相、數碼錄像、筆記副本 | 2019
5 | Andio Lai | photography, digital videos, copies of hand notes | 2019







































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