句點藝術群體@類聚集 ensemble
Talkover/Handover 2.0 廿年回歸前後話  -【討論會/工作坊#4 Zoie Yung 與 勞麗麗 】〈酒花〉討論會- Don't worry, be hoppy!
廿年回歸前後話 Talkover/Handover 2.0 - 【Discussion/ Workshop #4】  Floating Projects Collective 討論會/工作坊#4 句點藝術群體 〈我的理想藝術空間〉意見徵集及討論會 Survey and forum on 'My ideal art space'
“We Weren’t Here” – A joint exhibition of Joseph Leung and Andy Li 「我們那時不在」-梁望琛與李新傑的聯展
日常飲像影食:再沒有被實驗了的影像 Having a Balanced Diet - no more “experimented experimental moving images,” screening
Expænsive Cinema: An FPC Production |《吹脹.影像》:據點。句點藝術群體出品
‘New Territories’, Charles Richardson
Back and Forth: Hanging there, Going where 《徊放 / 前後:掛在那邊,去哪邊》(Micro Narratives 微叙事 2017)
Charles Richardson - Capturing Reality - Sessions in 3D-photoscanning
Floating Projects Collective 2023