“Videography. Micro Narratives. Temporal Beings. Our Manifestos” -Book Launch | 「我們的錄像宣言:微敘事。 存在的時間書寫。」- 新書發佈會

“Videography. Micro Narratives. Temporal Beings. Our Manifestos” -Book Launch | 「我們的錄像宣言:微敘事。 存在的時間書寫。」- 新書發佈會

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“Videography. Micro Narratives. Temporal Beings. Our Manifestos” -Book Launch 

「我們的錄像宣言:微敘事。 存在的時間書寫。」- 新書發佈會 


從 2015 年籌備至 2018年,今天的活動將會是我們的宣言書寫及錄像創作作品集 ,「我們的錄像宣言:微敘事。 存在的時間書寫。」的新書發佈會。連同放映環節及藝術家座談,今天的新書發佈會將展示由一群正在冒起的香港年青錄像藝術家及思考者的實驗錄像創作,以及對藝術實踐的個人表現。甚麼是錄像? 甚麼是實驗? 如何在缺乏經濟優勢下進行藝術創作? 如何帶有策略性批判思維及詩性自由下創造藝術作品? 我們的作品集將會向你透露藝術創作與思考步驗的腳印。 


Coordinated from 2015 to 2018, today’s event will be a book launch of our collection with individual manifesto writings and videography makings: “Videography. Micro Narratives. Temporal Beings. Our Manifestos”. 


Complemented by selected screening and artists’ talk, the today book launch will showcase the experimental videography and individual manifestation on artistic practices by a blooming group of Hong Kong video artists and thinkers. 

What is videography? What is experimentation? How to make art without economic superiority? How to produce artworks with tactical criticality and poetic freedom? Our collection on documenting the footprint on artistic creation and thinking steps will disclose to you now. 


日期 Date 七月八日 (星期日) 下午3時30分 

8th July 2018 (Sunday) 3:30 pm 

據點.句點 Floating Project Room D, 8/F, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, No.40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang (Exit B, MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station) 黃竹坑道40號貴寶工業大廈8樓D室 (港鐵 黃竹坑站 B 出口) 


錄像創作與作者 Artist and Writer 陳小龍 CHAN Siu-lung Ryan 詹可瑩 CHIM Anna (1994-2018) 丁卓藍 DING Cheuk-laam 許宏銓 HUI Wang-chuen Tony 岑泳霈 SHUM Wing-pui Gloria 曾旭熙 TSANG Yuk-hei Don 黃加頌 WONG Ka-chung Dorothy 黎肖嫻 LAI Chiu-han Linda


* *Linda Lai's participation in this project was fully supported by a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (CityU 11404514). 


**The printing of the 140-page book+DVD set is supported by a Media Art grant provided by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


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