DING Cheuk-laam

focusing on videography and poetry

希望可以繼續用紙寫字,叫筆畫不要忘掉我 筆法有點離奇,每寸影像都可以叫鯨魚吃一口。 來,飲一杯酒。 一名念舊的人,金龜子的堅殼叫他忘懷自己, 每年五月都等著你們。 至於那位木頭人,聽說可以按著丹田發出一斤風。 聲來到,料理在桌上,鋪滿山頭,隨便採摘 來,呼一口花。 

" In 2015, I knew about experimental videography, and I realised its nature could reflect the status of this society as well as our lives. Therefore, I decided to set it as my core exploration of my creative journey. However, is that so? I no longer take my shortcoming in articulating myself as an excuse, but continue to elaborate, extend, combine and divide the aesthetic of poetry, performance, drawing and life." Ding Cheuk-laam , she is an upright and fun-loving person embracing diversity with anarchist tendency. 

Website: http://sailoarding.wixsite.com/dingcheuklaam 

- 20th December, 2016

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