日常飲像影食3 :「 間房要不要牆? 」Have a Balanced Diet 3: Home Making

日常飲像影食3 :「 間房要不要牆? 」Have a Balanced Diet 3: Home Making

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日常飲像影食3 :「 間房要不要牆? 」 


展覽日期 : 2019.07.12 -2019.07.26 | 開幕 | 2019.07.12(五) 6pm 

| 第一場錄像展覽論壇 + 嘉賓分享 - 李智良丶梁御東 | 2019.07.12 (五) 7pm - 10:30pm

| 第二場錄像展覽論壇 + 嘉賓分享 - 蔡倩怡丶楊靜丶曾泓 | 2019.07.21 (日) 6pm - 9:30pm

| 關於 | 如何與自己生活 , 自己再如何和家人生活 , 身處於家庭又如何與社會生活 , 又如何存在/ 自我消失在家庭和社會上的固定身份。我們都無不思考這個生存鏈。第三次日常飲像影食, 過往主題是實驗影像走向日常。而這次是日常處於日常 , 如何觀看平時過的日子 , 站穩腳步後如何建構我們理想的生活。 這是一個自我觀看的過程 , 由自身居住環境來看個人生活痕跡丶感官情緒和家庭歷史等, 用一個屬於自己同時屬於外面的敍事 , 來切入/ 隱退 / 站立 於這個世界。這次 , 不只是錄像放映 , 還有不同媒介同步呈現 。媒介是一個方法 , 媒介之間是你中有我 , 相互交織。所以 , 這次影像的延伸會在 解體 / 重組 / 建構之間探索 。 參與的藝術家將從流動影像、攝影、文學、繪畫 、裝置和聲音 之間展開既各自 亦 共同的微細敘事。 - 丁卓藍


| 關鍵字 | 遊 / 屋 / 個體 / 移動者 / 獨居 / 自處 / 相處 / 日常生活 / 家庭製造 / 空間敍事 / 空間本質 / 交織敍事 / 觀賞習慣 / 敍事習慣 / 感官 / 情緒 / 抑鬱 / 家庭文化背景 / 家庭的意識建構與保存 / 聲畫 / 音像 / 私人旅途 


| 參與藝術家 | 陳嘉璐 Chen Jia-lu 朱彥龢 Brian Chu Yin-woo 丁卓藍 Ding Cheuk-laam 黎肖嫻 Linda Lai Chiu-Han 李偉盛 Lee Wai-Shing 梁嘉文 Leung Ka-man 黃慧心 Winsome Wong 黃頌恩 Wong Chung-yan 張子木 Zhang Zi-mu & Diana Pacheco Lagutienko


| 展覽 | 免費入場 | 放映入場 | 建議捐獻 $75 | 查詢 | 丁小姐 62044847 - 

| 展覽團隊| 海報設計 : 梁嘉文 場刊設計 : 陳嘉璐 展覽策劃 : 丁卓藍 翻譯 : 黃慧心 校對 : 張子木 


Have a Balanced Diet 3: Home Making - Video Exhibition+Forum 

| Opening Ceremony | 2019.07.12 6pm | Exhibition Period | 2019.07.12 -2019.07.26 | Venue | Floating Projects , (JCCAC) L3-06D, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin St, Shek Kip Mei 

2019.07.12 (五) 7pm-10:30pm 1st video exhibition+forum with Lee Chi-leung and Ocean Leung Yu-tung 

2019.07.21 (日) 6pm-9:30pm 2nd video exhibition+forum with Choi Sin-yi , Yang-jing , Zeng-hong 


ABOUT: How do we live with ourselves? How do we live with our family? Furthermore, situating in a family, how do we live with society as well as self exist/ self disappear in the fixed and rigid role within family and society. None of us aren’t thinking about this survival chain. For Have a Balanced Diet series in the past, we focused on how experimental videos could go towards (enter) daily life. This time in Have a Balanced Diet 3, we focus on how daily life could situate in daily life; how we perceive our daily lives and go ahead to construct it after standing firm in our own space. This is a process of perceiving ourselves, to look at the personal traces of living, sensations and emotions, together with family history and others through one’s own living environment. We use a kind of narrative that belongs to oneself yet at the same time also belongs to the outside world, to cut in/ retreat from/stand in this world. This time, not only video screening, different medium would also be presented at the same time. Medium is a method. While different medium mingle together, elements of a certain medium could be seen in another one. Therefore, the image extension this time is to dissect/ recompose/construct what’s in between. 

The participating artists are going to unfold their own micro-narratives from the in-betweens of moving image, photography, action, literature, painting, installation and sound.

-Ding Cheuk-laam 


KEYWORDS : wander/ house/ individual/ mover/ living alone / self-care / getting along / daily life / home-making / space narrative / essence of space / interlaced narrative / perception habits / narrative habits / sensory / emotion / depression / family cultural background / the construction and preservation of family consciousness / picture and sound / audiovisual / personal journey 


Participating Artists : 陳嘉璐 Chen Jia-lu 朱彥龢 Brian Chu Yin-wo 丁卓藍 Ding Cheuk-laam 黎肖嫻 Linda Lai Chiu-Han 李偉盛 Lee Wai-Shing 梁嘉文 Leung Ka-man 黃慧心 Winsome Wong 黃頌恩 Wong Chung-yan 張子木 Zhang Zi-mu Diana Pacheco Lagutienko 

Exhibition : Free Admission, open to public 

Forum Screening Section : Free Donation (Suggested Price : HKD$75) 

Contact : Miss Ding (62044847) Acknowledgements 

Poster Design : Leung Ka-man Leaflet Design : Chen Jia-lu Exhibiton Curator : Ding Cheuk-laam 

Translation : Winsome Wong 

Editor : Zhang Zi-mu


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