Winsome Dumalagan Wong 黃慧心

Winsome Wong (b.1994) mainly works on videography and the sculpting of images. Through moving along with her camera, composing and sculpting the texture and rhythm of the images, she believes that art helps guiding her to comprehend and step into daily life. Therefore, most of her works are about her daily life and people around her, leading her works to be created in different cultural contexts along her mobility, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong. She also spent a lot of time thinking about the authority of images and artwork, that there are times she credits that sources of her works are people around her and that she acts as an “agent” or “co-creator” of the works. Wong received her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2018.

Wish to drift around sometimes fluctuate sometimes and perhaps stay in peace most of the time.

  黃慧心主要集中於錄像和雕刻影像。透過與相機遊走,譜寫和雕刻影像的質感和節奏,她相信藝術能讓她理解並步入生活。因此,她大部分作品都與她的日常生活和周遭的人有關,而她的作品亦受其流動性影響而在不同的文化背景下創作,如柬埔寨,越南,菲律賓和香港等。她花很多時間思考影像和藝術創作背後的權力議題,有時她讓身邊的人成為創作原料的提供者,而她是作品的“媒介”或“共同創作者”。她於2018年取得香港城市大學創意媒體學院的文學士(榮譽)學位 。 希望可以間中周圍游走間中浮躁大部分平靜就好。


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