彼岸之地 -文 美 桃    個 人 展 覽   The Distance of Space - Man Mei To   Solo Exhibition

彼岸之地 -文 美 桃 個 人 展 覽 The Distance of Space - Man Mei To Solo Exhibition

4.14 - 5.6 . 2018 據點。句點  | Floating Projects

2:00pm - 8:00pm  (星期一休息  close on Mondays) 

文美桃持續用上了「身體」去參與每一次藝術運動。 由埋頭苦幹地去吸入不同化學品製作人體模具,經營一人臨時洗衣店,作長期勞動地手洗衣物及上山晾曬,走遍城市去收集水的痕跡。透過疲累的身體動作來填補對「身體」的想像邊界,以及作為學習與自己身體各個個體,共處的課堂。 「失物症」— 一種不知是否存在的都市病將作為她創作的立足點。唯有想像自己是一個需要停下來休息的病人,避走城市的節奏,她才能安靜地正視身體,探討人體與城市的種種關係,去比對人在自然環境中的脆弱,並努力去勾起身體盛載著的「物」的自述能力 。 這是她暫時的創作步伐。渴望找尋自己曾經熟悉的自然環境, 再去想像一個適合自己生存的世界。


策 展 人 | 王 鎮 海 ---


MAN Mei To draws persistently on “bodies” in every artistic movement. Burying herself in work, MAN ceaselessly manifests her observation throughout her ongoing practice. She inhaled miscellaneous chemicals for sculpting human molds; she operated a one-person temporary laundry service by which she hand-washed clothes and carried wet laundry to dry up the hill; she thus drifted through the city for an extensive collection of water traces. These are the many lessons in which she learns to be with different parts of her body and others’ bodies in order to attempt possible boundaries between body and the city by exhausting herself physically. LOS, the “lost object syndrome” — a yet to be identified urban disease -- will be the ground of her artistic creation in this event. Solely by imagining herself to be a patient in need of taking a break to escape from the rhythm of the city, she seeks calm to focus on investigating the many relations between the body and the city and, after all, to come to terms with human fragility in their environment. The result is to relentlessly provoke the narrative power of objects that her body bears. This is her artistic pace for now. Hopefully she will find herself back in familiar environments to re-imagine a world fit for her survival.


Curator | Wong Chun Hoi


座談會 :「身體作為創作媒界」 Artist Talk : body [ of / as / in ] my artworks

日期及時間 | Date and Time:     21.4.2018 (Sat) 2:00 pm 對談嘉賓 | Guest speakers: 馬琼珠 | Ivy Ma 楊陽 | Yang Yeung


藝術家簡歷 Artist Biography




生於1990,畢業於年獲得皇家墨爾本理工大學及香港藝術學院藝術學士學位, 主修繪畫。她的作品混合多種媒體,包括繪畫、攝影、拍攝、裝置及混合媒介等。 作品多涉及「身體」。透過物化身體,呈然身體作為物件牽引起的張力,並在日常的城市中尋找自然景觀,繼而探討她與他﹑她﹑它﹑牠之間的距離和關係。 Man Mei To (b.1990) obtained her Bachelor degrees in Arts from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) and Hong Kong Arts School in 2015, majoring in painting. Her artworks incorporate various media such as painting, photography, video, installation and mixed media. Man’s artworks typically engage the “body”. By objectifying and alienating the body in her works, tension is aroused; hence, the distances and relationships between him, her, it and us are explored. She also enjoys discovering natural landscape in her everyday city life.





- 「失物症」---- 全寫為「失去理解物件本質的能力之症」


患「失物症」中的人會帶著模糊的記憶狀態和感知。 藝術家觀察、收集及整理「失物症」為身體帶來的資料,轉化為再次呈現失物的空間與狀態的作品。嘗試記錄著身體的流動。 在城市裡研究人的肢態、姿體,角色、身分,以至那身體的狀態。人的毛髮、皮膚、質感、形態、顏色和器官的澎脹與收縮,這些都是身體在城市中的勞損記錄。作品專注於「物」的角度看身體的美,呈現「物」最好的姿態。那種自然與「物」的關係。希望透過另一種角度呈現「物」的話語權。表現自然、身體脆弱與力量。 



場地資助 Venue Support: 據點。句點 | Floating Projects

資助 Supported by:  香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council



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