...an evening of discussion, presentations, and performance 


Full information to come soon. http://nnnnn.org.uk/doku.php?id=noise_noise.theory.03 

Saturday 13th February 2016 19:00 - 23:00 Room D, 8/F, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, No.40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island 


BOGNA M. KONIOR & STEPHANIE OVERS http://hkbu.academia.edu/BognaMKonior & http://www.flowersoftheapocalypse.com/ 


"Prophecies of burial: speculative theory for the world in mourning " Every philosophy book, wrote Gilles Deleuze, must be akin to science-fiction. What is to become of theory in the wake of the Anthropocene? What to expect of current revolutionary movements – accelerationism, xenofeminism, eco-philosophy, speculative realism – in the face of inter-species necropolitics, subsumed under climate change, technological determinism and environmental lamentation? Perhaps, as Donna Haraway suggests, ours is the time of the Cthuluscene; or, perhaps, as Francois Laruelle claims, only the depth of quantic nights can produce future messiahs. In a ficto-critical gesture, this talk weaves a prophecy of apocalyptic philosophies attuned to the hollowness of empty oceans, plugged into the roots of cybernetic plants, and animated by the prospect of in-vitro meat. Building on current critical thought, it imagines theory for a world to come, a world always-already-in-mourning, a somnambulist world awake in a deep, dark, dangerous dream of its own extinction. 

DENNIS WONG http://sin-ned.blogspot.hk/ "Noise & the Collective Unconscious" 

Diving into the underworld of noise music, psychology, religion and quantum mechanics R


YAN JORDAN http://ryanjordan.org/ 

"And the Earth sang like a mad Beast" Ma On Shan, Martians, and Magnetite. 


TONY TACKLING & TOMAS LAURENZO … & http://laurenzo.net/ 


"Elephant" words/noise\images 


TOM SMITH http://www.liquidarchitecture.org.au/artists/tom-smith/ 


"The New Spirit" Is it possible to examine the politics of musical forms by investigating their sensual logic? --------------------------------------------------------- 


The discussions, presentations, and performances are physically situated within Floating Projects current exhibition, Hardworking Burning Electricity, by WONG CHUN HOI, which opens the blackbox of the electronic circuit calling attention to what lies between the input and output state. http://floatingprojectscollective.net/events/hardworking-burning-electricity/ 


............................................................................ About NNNNN / noise=noise : http://nnnnn.org.uk/ 

NNNNN / noise=noise is an experimental noise research laboratory and live performance platform operating as an open place for people to experiment with electronic music and art. 


The aim of this project is to disseminate knowledge and to act as an informal, alternative and autonomous network enabling people to create and express themselves via noise, technology, experimental, exploratory, and outsider arts. Since its beginnings in 2006 the noise=noise platform has supported and showcased over 400 artists ranging from the internationally acclaimed to the underground lurker. noise=noise events have occurred in a wide range of venues from contemporary art and academic institutions to derelict warehouses and squats. http://nnnnn.org.uk/


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