So Many Quiet Walks to Take | A Solo Exhibition by Lee Kai Chung 李繼忠個人展覽

So Many Quiet Walks to Take | A Solo Exhibition by Lee Kai Chung 李繼忠個人展覽

[FP members' solo series 據點成員作品發表系列] So Many Quiet Walks to Take 李繼忠個人展覽 A Solo Exhibition by Lee Kai Chung 


展覽日期: 三月十二日 (星期六) 至 三月二十九日 (星期二) 

開幕日期: 三月十二日 (星期六) 中午四時至六時正 

開放時間: 星期二至日 中午十二時正 至 晚上八時正 (星期一休息) 

藝術家分享會:三月二十六日(星期六)  下午四時正 


Exhibition Period: 12.03.2016 (Sat) – 29.03.2016 (Tue) 

Opening reception: 12.03.2016 (Sat) 4pm – 6pm 

Opening hours: 12nn – 8pm (Tue – Sun) (Closed on Mon.) 

Artist Sharing Session -26.03.2016 (Sat) 4pm 

Other times by Appointment 


在過去的三年裡,李氏關注香港歷史檔案中指涉權力的隱喻。「檔案存庫」從來都是價值判斷的場域,它充分彰顯「歷史的編纂權」在政治體制中的重要性;因此,歷史檔案以怎樣的面貌被呈現成為了李氏主要研究的題材和創作的素材。 李氏回顧一直採用的研究方法,發覺在創作過程中他不斷把自己加插在歷史文獻的裂縫中,而且有系統地備案。這種把物質檔案和文獻轉化作藝術作品的行為,同時間亦重新整理藝術家的思想架構-把檔案中的“刺點”有系統地分類排序,然後在記憶庫中建構成可被存檔的素材。李氏希望在展覽中探討以往管理檔案的系統如何應用在自己的精神與記憶的檔案庫,而把自己存檔,而後檢視和抽取資料是展覽的主要命題。 一份準備寄送的包裹、兩個疊起來的枕頭、絲網印刷的工作台、片段式的語句、被禁止展覽的手作書本、不同的窗口、一些私人檔案、還有,沈默的散步……一系列看似無相關的日常物品,攝影與影像暗示藝術家的精神文庫和記憶。李氏去除傳統檔案管理中的「客觀性」,另辟蹊徑並尋求文獻敘述的可能性。 


So Many Quiet Walks to Take 是李氏下一個企劃的序曲;當創作是不斷擴大檔案存庫,同時亦可以帶來毀滅性的結果。 


In the last three years, Lee has been dealing with the symbolic implication of power over history archives and records in Hong Kong. The “archive” has been never been a value-free site of collection. Instead, power is revealed through historiographic constitution, which is Lee’s major research subject and source material of his artistic practice. Taking a retrospective look on his research methodology, Lee finds himself archiving and inserting himself as a moment in history. The act of turning physical documents and records into art is also that of reconfiguring his own thought system. Giving a structure to archivable documents is at once making them available as “strategums” (Barthes) and embodying the artist’s own subjective mnemonic focus, “punctums.” The process of recognising the mentally housed inscription, organising “documents” and exteriorizing as art is the key to this exhibition. An ordinary box for postage, two stacked pillows, an on-site silkscreen printing station, fragments of phrases and sentences, a hand-sewed book that was forbidden from past exhibition, window and more windows, some private records, and some quiet walks… a series of apparently unrelated everyday life objects, photographs and moving images allude to the artist’s psychic archivization of his practice and memories. Lee removes the objectivity that is somehow conceived with conventional notion of archive and its formulation and, instead, looks for alternative narratives. 


Lee considers So Many Quiet Walks to Take as a prelude to his next project, in which the body of work sustains in curating memory but, in the end, buries it as well. 


藝術家簡介 About the artist 


李繼忠的創作主要關注歷史事件、政治體制和意識形態。近年李氏探討香港政府管理歷史檔案上乏善足陳情況,以及官僚如何拒絕成立〈檔案法〉;因此,透過一系列觸犯香港政治敏感地帶的藝術行為、紀錄和裝置作品,來回應固有的歷史陳述和編纂方式。 在李氏的長期研究項目《人人檔案》,他跟不同的政府機構展開對話與協商,以探討歷史檔案在社會政治架構上的狀況。 


Lee Kai Chung researches historical events, political system and ideology. Lee addresses the lack of proper governance on records and pending legislation of Archives Law. Through performance, documentation and installation, Lee considers individual acts as a form of political and artistic transgression that negotiates with existing narratives of history and story. In his ongoing research, Archive of the People, Lee investigates the framework of such socio-political issues, whether through a series of negotiation and encounter with Govern- ment departments. 


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