勤力費電 | hardworking burning electricity  -- 王鎮海 不求人展 |  wong chun hoi solo exhibition

勤力費電 | hardworking burning electricity -- 王鎮海 不求人展 | wong chun hoi solo exhibition

[FP members' solo series 據點成員作品發表系列] [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Exhibition date|展覽日期  : 2016.01.15(五|Fri)~02.14(日|Sun)



By opening the blackbox of the electronic circuit, I call attention to what lies between the input and output state. It seems the algorithm and intense soldering exercises I have done present a surprising artistic meaning. The on-site work at Floating Projects is version 1.04, in which I have debugged problems encountered in the initial versions. The artistic objectives remain intact as that which I first conceived in 'hardworking circuit #1'. My work is invoked by my dissatisfaction with the overtly spectacular appearance and total black-boxing of the algorithm and internal mechanisms in many media art works nowadays. Trained in a media art curriculum, I have a strong, even desperate, urge to maximize the potential of tools and raw materials in my hands, to push them in order to feel their limits. “How dumb can an electronic circuit function?” This question has always been lingering in my mind. Conventions of circuit design predicate primarily upon functionality and economic return. In response, in hardworking circuit #1, I have created an overtly excessive, and almost unnecessary circuit system, just to turn on some LED lights. I begin with plotting a schema of monotonous, repetitive circuit, using as many units as possible of relay switch to bridge up the sequential extension of cables, merely for the purpose of electricity connection. As I advance the connections and reach the 50th relay switch, the intensifying resistance of the growing cables and disorder in the relay switch cause the whole system to break down. Forced to stop by the circuit I have made, I review the ‘paper concept’ to reconsider what has happened by calculation, measurement and analysis, followed by a series of trial and error. Numbers and hardware – cold and inhuman they are – tell me a lot: why the system needs warming up, how much jam I have created, how much energy I have wasted, and when and where I should stop. Driven by the need to compensate for the wastage I have generated which I have also meant to critique, I make the next work. I turn to sound, an amazing by-product of my excessive, doomed-to-fail generative circuit machine. The circuit system I have made gives off patterns of sound as a result of the domino effect of the bridging-up connections processing. These sounds, generated by electronics in the circuit, and the mechanically accumulated delay time are valuable to me. This machine of mine is no longer as monotonous as it looks on paper. The apparent ‘waste’ and ‘excess’ force open its (often forgotten) functional purpose (i.e. the blackbox of an electronic circuit) to generate a 2nd-generation schematic state. By opening the blackbox of the electronic circuit, I call attention to what lies between the input and output state. It seems the algorithm and intense soldering exercises I have done present a surprising artistic meaning. 訪者這次在「據點。句點」的是作品的 0.04版本。創作概念和探索動機依承《勤力電路#1》的初念。 概念始於對現今媒體藝術的華麗外殼及背後黑盒子運作規則的不滿。 一直以來在媒體藝術學院受訓、浮游,絕望的總想把手上的材料和工具推到不知哪一個極限。「電路可以有多愚蠢地運作」,是老出現在腦海的問題。由於電路的設計似乎多是以經濟效益為原則,我才想製作一個過量、沒必要得顯然易見的電路來開啟一些發光二極管(LED),作為回應先前提及的不滿。 首先是繪畫了一個圖面上重複單調的電路圖,在單一電線管道用上了海量的繼電器作為橋樑來延續電線的長度而已。當要把 電路圖變成實體,接駁第五十個繼電器時,愈來愈長的電線內的電阻和繼電器的失效令整個電路「功能」報廢,我不得不停下來審視自己在之前的紙上談兵,從一輪考量實際情況的計算、量度和試錯反省,算式上數字和冰冷的電子零件的姿態在告訴我 更多這件作品的事實:為什麼他們運作前要熱身,製造了多少混帳,浪費了多少能量,而我什麼時候在哪裡就好要停。一時間有感自己根本在製造本來要批判的對象。 同一時間我卻又發覺這電路衍生的「副產品」是很有價值的,骨牌般的繼電器聲音有點搔得著耳朵癢處,每個繼電器運作時累積耽擱的時間好像出奇地珍貴。這個電路在實體化後好像沒有本來在紙上的單調。 我只是用大量焊接填補了在輸入和輸出中間黑盒子般的轉化法則而已,而這也偶然帶來了一點驚喜的美學 。 http://wongchunhoi9.com/portfolio/hardworking-circuit-1/ 


2016.01.15(五|Fri)~02.14(日|Sun) 12:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Monday | 星期一休息)

據點・句點 Floating Projects Room D, 8/F, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, No.40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island 香港黃竹坑道40號貴寶工業大廈8樓D室 事件Event 15.01.2016 (五|Fri) 7:30pm 讓硬塑料被電吧 大戰 } Open Battle - Let hard plastic get electrocuted 17.01.2016 (日|Sun) 8:00pm 據點空間壓力測試 0.05 |floating projects spatial pressure calibration 0.05 [event page] 24.01.2016 (日}Sun) 3:00pm 片子不是屬於我的放映會 | screening – the videos I made their sound only 14.02.2016 (日|Sun) 時間:晚上七時入席 | Time: 7pm house open 勤力人體導電器 - 2016 極速約會 TT~TT | hardworking electrocuting machine - speed dating TT~TT  [Event page]  


讓硬塑料被電吧 大戰  Open Battle – Let hard plastic get electrocuted 15.01.2016 (五|Fri) 7:30pm

遊戲玩法: 雙方各有一粒按扭,雙方臉部(或其他)地方貼上經絡治療器貼片。 當A君按下按扭,會接通B君上的電(攻擊),B君可按自己手上的按扭來關電(防守),如是者 當B君按下按扭,會接通A君臉上的電(攻擊),A君可按自己手上的按扭來關電(防守) 上面所講的接上電,其實只是用繼電器把供電貼片的電路接上,並不代表立即被電,是關取決於經絡治療器的模式(如按摩、搥擊、針灸、推拿等)。 當雙方同時按下維持三秒,將雙方的的貼片會同時供電一秒 當沒有任何按扭事件發生維持五秒,將雙方的的貼片會同時供電一秒 時限沒有,直到任何一方投降為止,或於開賽前想好一個分勝負的方法。 賽制:目標有16位玩家,以淘汰賽進行。 最後勝利將獲增 請留名或pm報名,或於當晚七時二十九分前即場報名 **心臟病、高血壓、有膽但淆底之人仕不宜參戰,請移玉步到花生席。

  Biography 簡歷 生於1990, 畢業於城市大學創意媒體學院,主修批判性跨媒體實驗室。創作道路尚在摸索中,暫以悲憤作為創作源動力。作品主要涉及聲音和電子零件。視坦白為創作原則,本業處理一切聲音的工作。兼職自由身另類技術支援予藝術家,為「據點・句點」藝工程師,期望跟其他藝術創作相輔相成。互相學習。 Wong Chun Hoi (b.1990) was graduated from the School of Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong in 2012, majored in Critical Intermedia Laboratory. He treats Anger as the temporary initiation of making art. His works mainly involves sound and electronics. being honest and sincere is his basic creative principle. Always working as a sound designer and engineer, also providing alternative technical support to vary artist.  Currently working as the artistic engineer in floating projects. He believes that making complement to other art making is an important way to learn art. www.wongchunhoi9.com     作品 Artwork 勤力電路 #1.0 - 直流電十二伏特 | hardworking circuit #1 -12V DC [裝置 | installation] 勤力電路 #1.1 - 交流電二百二十伏特| hardworking circuit #1.1 - 220V AC [裝置 | installation] 勤力電路 #1.2 - 直流電廿四伏特| hardworking circuit #1.2 - 24V DC [裝置 | installation] 終極有用系統 #0 - 衣架 | extremely useful system #0 - hanger [裝置 | installation] 終極有用系統 #1 - 柴火 | extremely useful system #1 - firewood [裝置 | installation] 讓硬塑料被電吧 | Let the hard plastic be electrocuted [裝置+錄象 | installation + video] [展覽期間仍有作品製作中 | work in progress during the exhibition period]   Related reading: Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.05: "Hardworking Burning Challengers" http://floatingprojectscollective.net/spatial-pressure-calibration-0-05[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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