Elemental Dynamite | "Neighbourhoods & Aliens" from Verina Gfader

Elemental Dynamite | "Neighbourhoods & Aliens" from Verina Gfader


Elemental Dynamite Mid-Autumn Season | Guest-curated by Max Hattler 


Neighbourhoods & Aliens 鄰里與外星人 25 Sept 2019 | 7pm 


Presentation by Verina Gfader + Discussion with Verina Gfader and Max Hattler 


The talk in the format of screening, reading, and discussion, contemplates on forms–and legends–of visual abstraction and the animation environment of today. – thinking in more holistic ways about animation as an ‘animating force of any kind’ (Morton, 2013), something that could be said to exist in a liminal space between inanimate and animate. Neighbourhoods & Aliens is organised around terms or figures; referring to home, living realities, inhabitations: what is close to us (proximate surroundings/neighbourhoods) yet is often overlooked, unnoticed, seemingly estranged or alien. The selected films hence may appear as a wild mix of things! featuring imagery from the garden, French suburban realms and architectural models, a domestic animal, play-grounds, as well as colours out of space … 


研討將以放映、閱讀和討論的形式進行,考察當今的動畫生態與視覺抽象的各種形式和傳說,以更全面的方式思考動畫作為「任何類型的動畫力量」的取態。(Morton,2013) 探討存在於無生命和有生命之間的極限空間。類里與外星人圍繞各種單位,包括家庭,生活現實,居住環境:靠近卻又經常被忽視的地方(鄰近的環境/社區),看似疏遠或異化的各種情況。這次提出的作品偏向像野生的混合物,有來自花園,法國郊區與建築模型的圖像,家養動物​​,遊樂場以及不受空間限制的色彩⋯ 


* Timothy Morton (2013) Realist Magic: Objects, Ontology, Causality. London: Open Humanities Press. (Still: Courtesy of Speculative Places.)

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