FPC 句點藝術群體@〈廿年回歸前後話 〉展覽 Talkover/Handover 2.0 Exhibition

FPC 句點藝術群體@〈廿年回歸前後話 〉展覽 Talkover/Handover 2.0 Exhibition


29・6 - 30・7・2017

地點:1a 空間

香港九龍土瓜灣馬頭角道 63 號牛棚藝術村 14 號

Venue: 1a space

Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road,

To Kwa Wan, Kowloon

參展創作單位:句點藝術群體、曾德平、羅玉梅、嚴瑞芳 及 Zoie Yung 與勞麗麗

Participating Artists: Floating Projects Collective; Tsang Tak Ping, Kith; Law Yuk Mui; Yim Sui Fong; Zoie Yung & Lo Lai Lai

展覽開幕 Opening Reception:

29/6/2017(週四 Thursday)7-9pm

*當晚在牛棚藝術村,在Z+舉行 的《點播_香港地》及錄映太奇的《1997年6月31日》計劃亦會同時開幕。

* Two other exhibitions also open at Cattle Depot Artist Village the same evening: "Reload_HK" " at Z+, and "1997 June 31" at Videotage.

導賞團 Guided Tour:

8/7/2017(週六 Saturday)2:15-3:00pm


圓桌會議 Roundtable Discussion:

8/7/2017(週六 Saturday)3:30-5:30pm

展覽開放時間 Opening Hours:

11-7 pm(逢星期一休館 Mondays off)

免費入場 Free Admission

查詢 Enquiry:

? TalkoverHandover@gmail.com

? https://www.facebook.com/talkoverhandover2.0/



Following its first edition in 2007, Talkover/Handover 2.0 continues to generate critical dialogues and creative works so as to review the changes in Hong Kong’s social and cultural landscape since 1997. Calling and polling for discussion topics in early March online have generated myriad topics among which a top 5 have been nominated by the public: ‘Localism,’ Sustainable Development of Independent Artists-run Space, Art Labour, Art in Politically Sensitive Era, and Censorship. Further to the polling, the open call for proposals resonating with the selected topics has come up with 5 working projects. In May and June, participating artists of Talkover/Handover 2.0 have conducted a series of public discussions and workshops so as to foster public dialogue and participation. The exhibition at 1a space is an accumulation of the working group‘s as well as participating artists’ research. The creative input will inform further research on Hong Kong art development in the post-Handover times and invite more dialogues on where we are standing and how we can possibly make a difference.

On the 10th anniversary of the Handover, Talkover/Handover - Dialogues on Hong Kong Art 10 years after 1997 took place as a research and creative initiative co-presented by Asia Art Archive and 1a space. Part of the research led to an exhibition of the same title in July 2007, where artists exhibited their individual or collaborative works as a result of their dialogues on post-97 Hong Kong art.

句點藝術群體 Floating Projects Collective × 民營藝術空間 Artists-run Space

《攤開據點 ─ 藝術工場 中期報告》嘗試以三十天為期脫離租金資助,實驗共籌經濟的營運思維。展覽期間,他們將於展場直播其空間實況,公開營運期間各種偶遇,成員於工場中的日常運作,以及他們參與營運空間後餘下的想像,讓觀眾見証試驗的過程。

Implementation report - Floating Projects Art production site experiments how an art space would survive without rental sponsorship during the exhibition period and looks into different modes of operation. The Collective will share their experience of conducting this experiment regardless of the outcome, and open up discussion on the condition of independent art spaces in Hong Kong.


Floating Projects was founded in 2010 and reinvented in 2015 by artist Linda C.H. Lai in collaboration with a dozen of emerging artists (the Floating Projects Collective). It is a ‘site of artistic production’ located in a ‘vacant’ 170m2 industrial space in Wong Chuk Hang. Being curious and venturesome, the Floating Projects Collective is aspired to challenge the notion of white-cube art space, and to explore what artists can specifically do nowadays under the institutional and physical constraints in Hong Kong and the art scene.

曾德平 Tsang Tak Ping, Kith × 「本土」 ‘Localism’

《畫亞媽,畫老豆 ─ 亞媽老豆生本土》從藝術家到生活行者的自身經歷,探討藝術、土地與本土的聯繫。曾德平為2007年〈十年回歸前後話〉的參展藝術家,再次參與更銳意思考這十多二十年來他的藝術的轉向。

Draw my Mom, Draw my Dad: My Mom and Dad Gave Birth to the Local, explores how art can connect with the land and local concerns. Ten years ago, Kith took part in Talkover/Handover. He is participating again with the hope of reviewing his role in art in the past ten years.

曾德平 ─ 生活行者。從事教育、務農、視覺藝術、設計、出版、策展、藝術和設計評論。Para/Site藝術空間的創辦人之一。「生活館」農場成員,推動永衡文化生活(Permaculture)。「生活書院」義工,推動文化藝術、生命教育和環境教育。

Tsang Tak Ping, Kith is a life practitioner doing education, farming, visual art, design, curation and art and design criticism. He is the co-founder of Para/Site Art Space (1996) to promote community arts and Sangwoodgoon Farm (2011) to promote Permaculture. He is a volunteer in School of Everyday Life to promote art and culture, life education and environment education.

羅玉梅 Law Yuk Mui × 藝術勞動 Art Labour


123 originates from a strange voice yelling ‘one, two, three’, which the artist chanced upon while testing a set of cheap electronic sound recording devices bought by her friend from Taobao. The accidental discovery of the voice connected a series of coincidental materials, all of which are put together by time to form a kind of script. The resulting video installation connects the sound and image trajectories of different life experiences.


Law Yuk Mui graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Fine Arts. Using image and sound as her mediums of preference, and adopting the methodology of field study, she often intervenes in the mundane space and daily life of the city and catches the physical traces, psychological pathways and the marks of time—formed by the interaction between space and living beings. Mui often digs beyond the surface, through which she would recover fragments of narratives and micro histories.

嚴瑞芳 Yim Sui Fong × 政治敏感時代的藝術 Art in Politically Sensitive Era


The ‘fallen people’ and pigeons are minorities in the society. By using an analogy of them in a sound and video installation as well as a participatory performance, Sui Fong will reflect upon our means of survival and voicing out in difficult times.


Yim Sui Fong’s practice in mixed media, writing and performative action engages the broader public sphere through exploring the gap, the interpretation and a sense of gravity among human communications: how people relate themselves with others by re-telling the history and memory, her practice looks into spaces between fiction and history, bodily and emotional memory, and time and journey.

Zoie Yung 與勞麗麗 Zoie Yung & Lo Lai Lai × 藝術勞動 Art Labour


The Artisan Brewery Project aims to engage artists in beer brewing so as to fully utilize their studio spaces. By turning storage or a corner into micro-brewery, the artists hope to serve their beer at opening receptions of exhibitions, and in the long run to produce an Artisan brand of craft beer to be sold to galleries.

由學生時期至其後在畫廊及拍賣行工作,再到在廣州創立自主空間, Zoie Yung 對酒水研究有加,並於友人成立 「openingwine.com」小組,以文字記錄酒評側寫藝術展覽;遇上以旅游、大自然生態作主要媒介創作的勞麗麗,在生活館務農讓她重思食物及生活的關係,而因為飲用某品牌啤酒而皮膚敏感,觸發了麗麗對啤酒的研究,並開始了釀製啤酒。

Zoie Yung has become an art and wine pairing connoisseur after working in gallery, auction house and her own independent art space in Guangzhou. She co-founded ‘openingwine.com’ with some friends, a group for reviewing art exhibitions by wine tasting. Lo Lai Lai’s works oftentimes mediate on the notion of traveling, the nature and ecology, and her practice of farming in Sangwoodgoon has also given her new insights into food and life. Since having food allergy to a specific brand of beer, Lai Lai has gained enthusiasm and started her own beer brewery.


As researchers-in-residence at Asia Art Archive from May to September 2017, Hong Kong Art Research Initiative activates the Ha Bik Chuen Archive as a resource that informs discussions and workshops of ‘Talkover/Handover 2.0’

詳情 Details:http://www.aaa.org.hk/TalkoverHandover

展覽合辦單位 Co-presented by:

  • 1a space

〈廿年回歸前後話 〉工作小組成員:


Talkover/Handover 2.0 Working Group:

Vivian Ting, Evelyn Char, Phoebe Wong, Cheung Yung, Clara Cheung, wen yau


Project Coordinator: Carey Cheng

〈廿年回歸前後話〉海報及展覽單張 在此下載

Poster/Leaflet of Talkover/Handover 2.0 can be download here.


Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.

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