李祉昕《浪漫史》Cher: How I met your mother | Photo Installation | FP open door

李祉昕《浪漫史》Cher: How I met your mother | Photo Installation | FP open door

2:00-8:00pm Tuesday-Sunday | Floating Projects Open Door 2022.10.23 3:00-6:00pm Love-in-Action: Making time-capsule postcards together with the artist. Tea party/reception follows. Drop by. All are welcome. [ART NOTES... for artist's narrative]   “I love you.” “Me too.” A fresh and lovely relationship starts. Getting into a healthy relationship that is full of friendship, happiness and love has always been the most popular lifelong goals for humankind to achieve, yet the possibility to find the one is so rare that some dedicate their whole life in it. In this art piece, I interviewed couples I met during my travels in Europe. I listened to their love stories and took photos with my favorite film camera before we departed. Some pairs just met each other for days while some have been married for decades. Some met each other in parties and clubs while some met since kindergarten. Photos were then printed and arranged according to the age of the couples in a chronological order. Final words. I wish all relationships can be healing and I wish everyone eventually gets to find the one-of-a-kind love that will carry you forward to your final days on this earth with a smile. <3 (Cherry) 一個充滿友誼、幸福和愛的健康關係,一直是大部份人類最嚮往的終身目標,然而找到那一個對的人一點也不容易,甚至有人為此尋索奉獻了一生。 我採訪了我在歐洲旅行時遇到的情侶,在聊天的過程中記錄了他們的愛情故事,並在離別前用膠片相機拍下了他們的照片。當中有些情侶只相識了幾天,而有的已經結婚幾十多年了。有的在聚會和派對中相識,而有的則少時已在幼兒園中相識。然後,在這作品中,我把情侶們的照片打印出來,按照他們的年齡順序排列,一一展現。 希望所有的關係都能治愈心靈,每個人最終都能找到獨一無二的愛情,帶著微笑渡過在這個地球上的每一日。(李祉昕) [caption id="attachment_15679" align="alignnone" width="600"] a time-capsule postcard[/caption]   ABOUT THE ARTIST Cher, (noun), a constantly curious mind who likes to venture. What is the definition of the word "artist"? For me, I would say when you are doing things you like or you think is right; you are the artwork and the artist.

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