Floating Projects at Documenta 15, 2022

Floating Projects at Documenta 15, 2022

Invited by Gudskul in a project titled Contemporary Art Collective and Ecosystem Studies, Floating Projects is taking part in their latest Sekolah Tempujalar, the fifth year of their annual collective study program, which takes place during Documenta 15, currently at the Fridericianum and various locations in Kassel, Germany. Floating Projects Collective (FPC) members Dory Cheng and John Chow will participate in a 50-day co-living program, 28 June – 16 August 2022, inside Fridericianum, in which they will undergo the critical collective learning processes which will advance the importance of speculative and solution-oriented dialogues through direct practices and experiential-based learning. Cheng and Chow's contribution will also include running workshops and doing a presentation on the Floating Projects and the Floating Projects Collective. Gudskul is the pedagogic umbrella of several artists' collectives in Indonesia, including Ruangrupa, the official artistic directorial team for Documenta 15. During Documenta 15, Gudskul presents a variety of planned and improvized events, including Hanya Memberi Tak Harap Kembali (= To Give and To Expect Nothing in Return), a free market from Gudskul and Friends:

Sunday, 3rd July 2022, 10 am - 1pm

@ Gudskul Area, 1st floor of Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany


The givers include: Gudskul, Salikhain Kolektib (Philippines), BISCA (Kyrgyzstan), Pangrok Sulap (Malaysia), Bà Bầu Air (Vietnam), Scutoid Coop (Taiwan), Omnikolektif (Indonesia), Load Na Dito (Philippines), Arab Theatre Studio (Australia), Lifepatch (Indonesia), Sudut Kalisat (Indonesia), Hysteria (Indonesia), Tenthaus (Norway), Tokonoma (Germany), Pari (Australia) and Floating Projects (Hong Kong).   More activity announcements [...] All ArtNotes posts related to FP at Documenta 15 [...]


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