Dory Cheng 鄭嘉雯

Dory Cheng focuses on photography and specializes in alternative print processes. Dory's works are mainly inspired by books and life. She also accepts experimental items from "failures" to discover alternative aesthetics. She builds a temporary darkroom at home and makes a pinhole camera with handy tools. Before the pandemic was over, she had already gone to the United States and returned. She practices observing through moving images and enjoys self-dialogues during her solo journeys. She is about to complete her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at the School of Creative Media.


鄭多莉,攝影出身,主力研究傳統攝影工藝。總抱持好奇心,以書本和生活為啟發,實驗出一堆作品。閒時突發其想,學習路仍在探索,也接受從「失敗」的實驗品,發掘另類美學。計劃沖曬底片便在家搭建臨時黑房,以簡單的工具自製針孔相機。疫情還未完結,便去一轉美國又回來了。在獨自旅程中練習以錄像觀察自己,和自己對話。鄭多莉, 現為城大創意媒體學院學生,正為畢業作品作最後衝刺。


Floating Projects Collective 2023