FP at Documenta 15, a journal series (6): Concrete Exchange 回家前的知識交流

FP at Documenta 15, a journal series (6): Concrete Exchange 回家前的知識交流

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發表於: 19 Aug 2022

More diaries from Dory Cheng and John Chow at Documenta: from observing, learning, participating to contributing… (Floating Teatime editor)


11 August 2022 – Kunstbibliothek Documenta (Documenta’s art archive)
Dory Cheng and John Chow met up with Martin Groh and Emily Denyer at Kunstbibliothek Documenta (Documenta’s Art Library) to discuss the archive’s collecting Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulse (2021) and Videography, Micro Narratives. Our Manifestos (2018), abbreviated as the Video Manifestos series, are both Floating Project publications.

Video Manifestos 1 + 2 are now available at the Documenta Archiv Library Collection, and will be made available on their online catalogue soon.

The Manifesto series on videography, launched in 2016, is a project initiated by research-based interdisciplinary artist, Dr. Linda Chiu-han Lai, to encourage the re-purposing of videography in a time when image-making tools are ubiquitous.

Videography highlights “writing” with moving images; and writing asserts the proactive insertion of our subjectivities into our contemporary society of discipline and control. And we have gathered self-directed, diligent videographers to enter a series of rigorous dialogues and to become a theorist of their own practice.

Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses, a 365-page bilingual book, includes 49 local and overseas videographers’ manifestos, and a total of 67 video works.

John Chow and Dory Cheng with Martin Groh and Emily Denyer at Bibliothek Documenta

8 August 2022 – At Documenta-Halle

Cyanotype Workshop

🎨 for 15 participants:✨
How do you experience the “Lumbung” value?
collaboration project by Floating Projects | @floatingprojects , Hysteria | @grobakhysteria and Britto Arts Trust | @britto_art_trust
Sunday, August 8th 2022 4.00 – 6.00 p.m | at documenta Halle Gustav-Mahler-Treppe
Using paper to cyanotype the things that you shared with others here. It can be food, daily necessities, or any abstract stuff.
After that, we would showcase all the cyanotype collections at Gudspace, Fridericianum.
Language: English, Indonesia, Cantonese
Hosted by: Dory, Cheng Ka Man, Hananingsih Widhiasri, Mohosin Kabir
Paper from @palkakreatif and @am


50 days…

What is it like for a few dozen people to live and cook together in the same place? What is it like inside Fridericianum, Documenta 15’s main site?

Kassel – Today we have blueberry pancakes for lunch in the “Gudkitchen”, a picturesque and colorful open-air canteen in the backyard of the Fridericianum. “But we mostly cook Indonesian,” says Firmanto Budiharto and offers a coffee. However, this gastro zone is not intended for normal documenta visitors who keep asking curious questions. Rather, it belongs to the private sphere of around three dozen artists who temporarily live in the venerable museum building during the exhibition.

Living, learning, working together, sharing knowledge – the collective approach to knowledge exchange is the credo of the Gudskul education platform, which was co-founded in 2018 by the d15 management collective Ruangrupa. The model has now been temporarily relocated to Kassel, and the Fridericianum has been renamed “Fridskul”.

… …

Gudskul have their own cookbook and recipes.

What is striking: The cooking instructions are predominantly illustrated in comic style, and are therefore understandable for everyone, regardless of the language. What happens to the work later? Firmanto Budiharto says that this collection is also “part of the harvest” brought in by the Lumbung practice in the art and living place Fridericianum.

… …

The dormitory behind the public space

This is quite modest for the residents, who currently come from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong, among others. Wooden bunk beds, covered all around with pointed canopies made of colorful fabrics, offer the residents, who are identified by name tags, little more space than to sleep. Occasionally there is a sofa, a number of suitcases and bags are stowed in the aisles between the beds, in the corridor outside the sleeping area there is a small lockable locker for each resident.

 And — Karaoke every evening…

For the full story, read Asel Schwarz’s “Karaoke in the art flat share: That’s how it is at the Fridericianum” (11 August 2022, 11:00am) [… …]

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