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D-Normal/V-Essay online zine, issues 1-4 – a winner of Ars Electronica's “State of the ART(ists) 2022” award, September 2022, Linz, Austria. Press announcement, 23 August 2022.


FP at H Queen's (2019) […]


Vivienne Chow (on FP at H Queen's “Exit Strategies”): “Beyond Art Basel, Must-See Exhibitions Reveal Hong Kong's Most Compelling Artists” Sotheby, 2019.03.30.


On “Object-Subjectivities,” FP performance at Cattle Depot, Videotage 2016, talk at and archived by Asia Art Archive […]


陳韋鑑 評據點在台北的聚疊表演:「類聚集 」(ensemble),ARTalks, (2017.06.23)


On FP's group show "Expaended Cinema ": 鄺曉恩:「藉藝術感受 時間帶來又帶走了什麼?」,《香港01》 (2017.03.30)  […] 


John Batten: Toy as Medium’ art exhibition explores fun and games. The interactive show at Floating Projects art space offers Hongkongers a chance to reminisce.” 2016.12.03, SCMP.


On FP's Toy Show: 黃正軒、王嘉政:「【展覽:玩具之間】90年代玩具成關鍵詞 再生作品喚起共鳴和回憶」《HK01》(2016.12.04) […]

黃正軒、王嘉政:【展覽:玩具之間】藝術家以玩具為媒介 重塑童年「夢想空間」《HK01》(2016.12.31) [[…]


On Jess Lau and Kin-choi Lam's duo solo: 潘浩欣:「走訪全港電話亭 藝術家:電話亭還有存在價值嗎?」《香港01》(2016.10.09, 2018.01.19 更新) […]


On Vicky Do's solo show “From Now On” at FP, 2017.05.26-06.25: 梁俊棋:「主流以外的越南」《明周》文化。(2017.06.02) […]


EC on Jess Lau and Kin-choi Lam's solo at FP: “Floating Projects: Jess Lau & Kinchoi Lam ‘Recurrence’,” East Contemporary (2016.09.28)


Valencia Tong on FPC member Hugo Yeung's solo: “What Death Tells Me; Cinema as Computation, Aurality, Vision.” Asia Art Pacific magazine (2016.07-08)


EC on Lee Kai-chung's solo at FP: “Floating Projects: Lee Kai Chung “So Many Quiet Walks to Take,” East Contemorary (2016.03.27)


麥婉婷 評王鎮海《勤力電路》個展:「真愛難求?藝術家也搞Speed Dating!」香港01。(2016.02.11)


Yang YEUNG: Review on “hardworking burning electricity – Wong Chun Hoi solo exhibition ” (2016 Jan, Floating Projects) , AICAHK (16 May 2016.05.16)


EC: “Floating Projects: Wong Chun Hoi ‘Hardworking Burning Electricity’,” East Contemporary (2016.02.03)






Ars Electronica 2021 .09 / "Art in the Cloud: Linda Lai: Floating Projects and participatory art" (online feature with Linda Lai)


Microwave (2021): 「以藝術釐清與世界的關係」(訪問黎肖嫻)


Hive Life: “An Experimental Art Space" (2018.03.27) […]


David Fernandez: “By People/in Cities: Hong Kong | City Profile,”  City360 (2017.05.31) […]


查映嵐:【老少女藝集地】鴿子、機器人及其他:〈廿年回歸前後話〉展覽筆記 2017) […]


「藝術空間的新興年代」,《香港視覺藝術年鑑 2015》。[…]


“Southisland . Floating Projects," ALTERMODERNISTS 《藝們》, (2015.11) […]


Allyson Chiu, “Four below-the-radar art galleries in Hong Kong," SCMP (2015.08)[…]


Asia Art Archive: “Collectives”  […]


Asia Art Hong Kong […]





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