Hugo Yeung 楊鳴謙

70% water, 6.6% computational artist, 6.1% video editor, 3.7% audio engineer, 3.6% musician, 10% nerd

Hugo YEUNG Ming-him is an emerging digital artist exploring the possibilities of algorithms and computation as artistic media to expand the audio-visual aesthetics of cinematic experience. He debuted his solo show in 2016, and showcased his work at GENERATE! Festival for electronic arts 2017, Germany. In November 2018, he completed a month-long double-solo on expanded cinema with Wong Chun-hoi at the 6th Edition of the Writing Machine Collective. Hugo Yeung graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong. He is a member of the Floating Projects Collective since 2015.


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