LEE Ho-wing Michelle | 李可穎


*active FP2.0

李可穎畢業於香港中文大學藝術系藝術碩士課程。作為人人檔案和「據點。句點」的 成員,她通過創意實踐和社會研究構思創作框架。作為教育工作者,她著重以自主學 習和個人直覺,引導學習者探索藝術創作中的意外收獲。

李氏從茫茫大海的文字中擷取重要的意義,重新詮釋文本及其秩序,並為作品賦予特 定情景。這跟原來文學作品及社會狀態在碰撞間形成迴響,亦延伸作品中作者、讀者 和文本隱含的三角關係。現專注於研究文獻與圖書館的關連及圖書館被掠書籍的流 轉。最近參與項目包括於 Seoul Mediacity Biennale 2018 展出的藝術家網上搜尋引擎研 究計劃。

Michelle LEE Ho-wing obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As an affiliate with the Archive of the People and Floating Projects, she conceives a framework through social research and creative practices built upon a variety of media. As an educator, she encompasses responsibility to inspire learners by incorporating autonomous, serendipity and intuition in art learning. Michelle extracts significant lines from the vast sea of writings with keen perception, and further represents and rephrases the text in a specific context, which resonates with the original literature and social circumstances. Michelle’s work is characterized by her interest in the triangular relationship of author, reader and text. Her current research is related to the linkage among archive and library and the circulation of looted library books. Her recent project includes an artist online archives presented at the Seoul Mediacity Biennale 2018 (Seoul).

Website: https://www.leehowing.com/



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