Vicky Do

videomaker, cartography practitioner, activist-translator

Vicky (or Vi, in Vietnamese), born in Saigon, is a media artist with the focus on both still and moving images. She uses art as a response along her life journey. Vicky works with stories and images as a form of historic preservation, archival, and investigation. She’s interested in the politics of urban planning, national territory and the their relationship with the human flow, aka, exodus. She considers herself as an activist, using videography to expose violence and absurdity; and using books as a tool for social-reconstruction. She’s been translating for a samizdat style publishing house based in Saigon, including monographs about Sino-Vietnamese relationship, Shooting an Elephant (George Orwell), Politics and English language (George Orwell), etc. Neither a communist nor an anarchist, but she can tolerate both of them to a certain extent.

Floating Projects Collective 2023