FP Assemblage 2023 (1) Michael's typewriter: black ribbon red ribbon「聚疊」既遠即近:梁志剛的紅絲黑絲連線

FP Assemblage 2023 (1) Michael's typewriter: black ribbon red ribbon「聚疊」既遠即近:梁志剛的紅絲黑絲連線

Michael Leung 梁志剛

Michael Leung 梁志剛

發表於: 03 Feb 2023

The typing sound of a manual type-writer strikes a record of an on-going Assemblage performance, while providing an audible rudiment of an improvizational event. Michael Leung intervenes. …

On the first day of our 2-day intervention-performance at Asia Art Archive, Floating Projects members turned the new reading room into a big art production site with multiple loops and assembly line, and FP Assemblage (FPA) into an activity of “sourcing-production-projection-installation-scanning-selection.” In the afternoon, Michael Leung infused the space with a brisk sound typing on his red-color manual type-writer, giving the entire FPA the pulse of a forward push, syncopated by disperse and fragmented conversations.  / Floating Teatime Editor Linda Lai.


[Michael Leung's on-site writing, afternoon 3 February 2023]



When we were setting up, the circular carpet, not the wormhole, the furry one, brought us back to when used to play video games (or maybe some of you still do…). Perhaps like some of you, I started playing video games when it was 8-bit (NES and MesterSystem). Those 8-bit times were quite lonely. I remember most games being one-player. 16-bit became more sociable with the likes of Streets of Rage, Golden Axe and Mario Kart.


It was maybe until sixth-form college (16 to 18 years old), did computer games become more multi-player. Maybe I jumped too fast, I still want to talk about 8-bits, when we were able to watch wrestling… (Have you seen The Westler by Darren Aronofsky?)


I moved out from home when I was 17 years old. I lived with B who had a Dreamcast. We would play Dead or Alive and another two-player game that I've forgotten the name of. I didn't stay there for long. The landlord was an arsehole. If you're a landlord, please treat your tenant well! 

(Whilst typing I was interrupted by someone who asked what I was writing

image courtesy: Dory Cheng


about. I said that I was reminiscing about playing computer games, from playing alone to playing in a group, which will eventually take me to write about the collective. I'm not sure if I'll arrive there today as I want to stay with those sitting behind me. Ah Chun on my left going through ADC letter, Hoi9 on my right taking photos of everyone. (I'll take a photo of his now). Dory doing digital collage on an unpolarised display, Kel badge-making and teaching others how to use the badge making machine, Winnie projecting images onto a sketchbook and tracing, Linda who just walked over with a book that she made (all red and black) (I'll say hi), John at my eight o'clock chatting to Emily who's doing a post-doc at the university that most of us are from. Samson who's now disconnected and will be back soon, Michael is very excited, he is moving around with his film camera. Susanna is taking over this typing machine and we took a photo together that brought us to our memory of organising summer camp together for AAA young people in 2010 terrence passes by, asking me what am i typing. She is taking video of me typing now, stephen is standing over the type writer with his handsum arms crossed claiming he is very experienced with the machine.


There's more people here; Jenny making a book using old CD sleeves, Rebecca on the laptop, Gabbi playing Linda's toy piano, Nanxi cutting paper after making an ACAB badge, and if you look up you'll see a projection of an inkjet printer printing a photo of Linda.


The typewriter is from Stockholm and is placed (Terrence is really good on the piano) on the north side of the library in front of BiSCA's window video, showing the Altyn Kazyk Library of Saved Books, children painting and a sign in the  background with the formula: Heart + Heart = Star.



3rd February 2023, AAA


Image courtesy Linda Lai
image courtesy Dory Cheng

Stay tuned for our next posts.

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