Natalie Chao / the same old place, a poem (Wilderness Poems #1)

Natalie Chao / the same old place, a poem (Wilderness Poems #1)

Natalie A. Chao 趙芷妮

發表於: 18 Apr 2020

Video Manifesto 2 artist Natalie A. Chao’s short poems with her own photography will appear in Floating Teatime: Personally Speaking over the next two months.


once there was a girl who wanted to go somewhere

she had never been before

so she lied to her mom

about going to the store

to buy a present for her

so the plan worked

and she saw a path that was never there before

she took it farther

and farther,

then she heard something


AHH—the girl screamed

it was her friend Rose.

What in the world are you doing here?! She said

I was just…about to lie

to me

to my mom

I had to,

because I wanted to go somewhere new!

somewhere like where unicorns live

I just want to get away from that same old place

Cora, if you want to get to be free then that doesn’t include lying

you’re right. But-

no buts!!! Rose said.

from that day on, Cora always told the truth



…/ to be continued.

2nd poem of the Wilderness Poems series: http://floatingprojectscollective.net/personally-speaking/nataliechao_same-old-place/

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