Ventriloquists 2021 / 00a-Thinking Narratively: all 36 works 36個聲影陳述,36個世界。

Ventriloquists 2021 / 00a-Thinking Narratively: all 36 works 36個聲影陳述,36個世界。

The Ventriloquists 2021 腹語系2

發表於: 15 Aug 2021

36 works are in dialogue at The Ventriloquists 2021 to explore narrative concepts in articulating our thoughts and sentiments. The full list of works are presented below. 三十六個作品,共同探索陳述的觀念,各自發聲,理念情感成為交流談話的起點。

*Feature image: a site view of the exhibition The Ventriloquists 2021

a screenshot from Sofya Antonova’s montage video Beyond the Cage of Consciousness

Photomontage as video 聲影蒙太奇,錄像作為思路。

Sofya ANTONOVA: Beyond the cage of consciousness | 01’32’’

CHEUNG Wing-tung Nicole 張穎桐: Alternative Realities Video | 01’18’’

CHOI Chun-hei Jacky蔡俊希: The box on fire is the new cage. | 02’13’’

Michelle Angela JAPSON: If I Were A Kite | 01’12’’

KOO Jiayin辜佳殷: What is FEAR? | 01’36’’

LAW Wai-lam 羅蔚霖: Wild | 02’00’’

LO Kin-ming 勞建明: Finding [Amy] | 03’00’’

Kimberley PURNAMA: (un)home: two personas | 02’42’’

SUM Yi-ling Yanny 岑伊羚: World Cycle | 02’07’’

TIN Tsz-yu 田梓榆: Trapped | 01’25″

WONG Ka-chun 黃家俊: Fertility | 01’15’’

YANG Jen 楊仁: “Wound, Heal, Remember” | 02’32’’

YAU Po-ing Alice 丘寶婷: Alice in Ventland | 01’25’’


Pictograms … moving image work creative infographics 圖像數據化的影像作品分析

CHEN Yunyao 陳韞堯: When the Death Becomes a Kind of Waiting | print on foam board 60 x 140 cm
*a pictogram for Caroline Leaf’s animated picture The Street (1976)

Thore Flynn HADRÉ: Stealing From Nobodies | mesh banner 200 x 35,1cm
*an analysis of Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket (1959)

HUANG Siyi 黃斯怡: A thief, a friend, a lover, a son| banner, diameter 100 cm
*an analysis of Jia Zhangke’s Xiao Wu 賈樟柯《小武》 (1997)

Michelle Angela JAPSON: (Within/Beyond) The Stage and The Shadow | poster 841 x 594mm
*a study of Zbigniew Rybczyński’s New Book (1975)

LAI Yee-chun Martha 黎苡臻: Imagination of Magic Mirror in colour | poster 210 x 297 mm
*breaking down Sarah Pucill’s Magic Mirror (2013) into a pictogram series

LAW Wai-lam 羅蔚霖: a pictogram analysis of Jiri Trnka’s The Hand (1965) | black foam board 80 x 45 cm
*an analysis of Jiri Trnka’s The Hand (1965) as parametric narration

MO Xianhua毛莧樺:  Exercises in Style | white foam board 594 x 841 mm
*a series of pictograms based on Exercises in Style (1947) by Raymond Queneau

OU Wing-hei 歐穎熙: Subconscious Safe | on canvas 45 x 80 cm
*on the feature film Inception (2010, Christopher Nolan)

OU Wing-hei 歐穎熙: Fall and Collapse | print mounted on foam board 45 x 45cm
*on Dave Fleischer’s Betty Boop: Snow White (1933)

Kimberley PURNAMA: ‘Dream of Dreams’ and ‘Dazed Maze’ | print 306 x306 mm
*on the feature film Inception (2010, Christopher Nolan)

TIN Tsz-yu 田梓榆: Ukiyo of “Screenplay”: Bloom and Wither | canvas 100 x 23 cm
*an analysis of Barry Purves’s animated picture Screenplay (1992)

WOEN Celine 溫麗妮: Betty Boop x Snow White Alterity | on canvas 45 x 80 cm
*on Dave Fleischer’s animation Betty Boop: Snow White (1933)

WOEN Celine 溫麗妮: Genesis of Dreams | on canvas 80 x 52 cm
*on the feature film Inception (2010, Christopher Nolan)

WONG Ka-chun 黃家俊: a pictogram analysis of Albert Lamorisse’s Red Ballon (1956) | banner 200 x 200 cm
*on Albert Lamorisse’s Red Ballon (1956)

WONG Ka-ying 黃嘉瑩: Sewing of The Shoji Pattern | ceramic plate, diameter 25.5 cm
a pictogram analysis for Barry Purves’s animated picture Screen Play (1992)

YAU Po-ting Alice 丘寶婷: Vital Sign  | printed on banner 100 x 30 cm + transparent sticker 100 x 30cm
*a pictogram analysis of Yuri Norstein’s animation Tale of Tales (1979)


Animation 動畫

CHOW Hok-yin 周學賢: Fill the Hole | ‘03’26’’


Animated Pictogram 以動畫作影像作品的分析

KOO Jiayin 辜佳殷: Subtract, Vanish or nothing; a pictogram for Rybczynski’s Tango (1981) | 00’43’’


Dream Narrative – Video 夢世界,夢敘事

Sofya ANTONOVA: Hypnagogia / Hypnopompia | 02’25″

Elizabeth BIEK : Wet Dream | 01’25’’

HUANG Siyi 黃斯怡: The Love of Reflection | 03’15’’


Dream Narrative – creative writing, projection, multimedia installation 空間化的混媒夢敘事

CHOI Chun-hei Jacky 蔡俊希: Until there is nothing more to be told 《把迷戀說成夢》


Game concept: world-building 遊戲設計,世界的構造

Thore Flynn HADRÉ: Mental (pun intended) | written text and pictogram

A total of 36 works


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