Ventriloquists 2021 / 02-Individual Perspectives 2 腹語系之二:個人故事個人觀點(下)

Ventriloquists 2021 / 02-Individual Perspectives 2 腹語系之二:個人故事個人觀點(下)

The Ventriloquists 2021 腹語系2

發表於: 18 Aug 2021

Sofya Antonova continues Flynn Hadre’s discovery of individual perspectives to introduce personal stories told with intense photographic intervention.  有些作品值得看,就因為它是作者的個人經歷和生活的過程。繼 Flynn Hadre 的介紹,Sofya Antonova 察看到攝影和活動影像語言的震撼力;聲影不單說故事,更開創了個人經驗。

**feature image: video still from KOO Jiayin’s What is Fear?

Individual Perspectives

Moving Images: works in the exhibition that stretch our perceptual experiences via intense visual exercises

Works featured in this post:
World Cycle (video photo-montage, 2021) – SUM Yi-ling Yanny 岑伊羚
Beyond the cage consciousness (video photo-montage, 2021) – Sofya Antonova
(un)home: two personas (video, 2021) – Kimberly Purnama
Finding [Amy] (video, 2021) – LO Kin-ming 勞建明

screen shot from Yanny Sum’s montage video World Cycle

World Cycle – SUM Yi-ling Yanny 岑伊羚

Video Montage Sequence | 02’07’’

**The artist has used found material in making this work. Links to the artist’s works cited as as follows:
Alicja Brodowicz – http://alicjabrodowicz.com/
Dennis Auburn – (photo of the couple in the desert) – https://dennisauburn.format.com/american#5

In this work, the artist contemplates on the world’s creation and how the beginning connects us with the end.                                 

In Genesis, we are told that men were created last after everything else in the world. This makes the artist think about the relationship between humans and nature, and she decides that the arrangement of the images in the montage sequence would be inspired by the order of creation in Genesis.

Nature and humans are one. However, human activities today are destructive to the environment. Our relationship with nature is weakening in response, and we are warned about the approaching end of the world as nature alerts us through climate change and pandemics. And when the world has vanished, it will start over from the beginning, over and over again.


Sofya Antonova’s video expressing the liminality of our conscious mind and our dream state

Beyond the cage of consciousness – Sofya Antonova

Video Montage Sequence | 01’32”

In our conscious mind, we are limited to a certain space of control, and the rest is behind the cage of our human capacities and understanding. Humans are in captivity of their own conscious mind. 

When falling asleep, the conscious mind and dream state merge into one. While dreaming, we are encountering fears, hidden desires and thoughts we often do not dare to admit – we are traveling beyond the conscious mind.

Entering the subconscious space and going deeper, the mind might touch something that never should be revealed or set free. When the dream becomes too real, too tangible, it starts breaking free. Before we immerse too deep into the obscure unknown, our mind protects us by awakening: it pushes us back into the cage of the safe conscious, and the revealed dark human nature blends back into the fog surrounding the conscious mind.


(un)home: two personas – Kimberly Purnama

Video : Montage Sequence 02’42’’

a screenshot from Kimberly Purnama’s (Un)home: Two Personae

(un)home: two personas depicts a transformational concept of a forlorn boy who is frantic in his ‘home’- that, being once a safe haven, now transcends to some place he barely knows, an (un)home. The gaps between utter chaos and acceptance portrayed an unfolding process of time, cornered in the house scrutinizing what is composed in the newspapers. An outbreak that shows the distance between the past and the present and accentuates a time-based sequence of images. Eventually, thoughts of being trapped at home during quarantine transform into contradictory behaviours and are lost in between the two coexisting personas – online and real.


Finding [Amy] – LO Kin-ming 勞建明

Video Montage Sequence | 03’00’’ | [view the work]

Mr Hui is just a stranger who the artist met on his walk in Hong-Kong. The stranger was posting notices for finding ‘Amy’ around the streets.

“3 years ago, I was so confused and concerned for my own future. I hadn’t had an offer from any university. Therefore, I took a long, long walk in Hong Kong with my friend and took some pictures.”

However, after returning home, the artistI remembered someone called ‘Amy’ texting via WhatsApp. The artist took a closer look at this photo and realised that ‘Amy’ is also who Mr. Hui is searching for.  Therefore, he tried to send him a WhatsApp’s message…

“The photos are what I took by ferry. I saw objects feeling so lonely: a single man singing, a stone bench with its shadow, a bicycle with one wheel…However, the sign on the ferry just told me to remain seated until the ferry was berthed. Therefore, what I needed is just patience and keeping calm, no matter the ending is happy or not.I think Mr. Hui shares the same feeling with me of 3-year-ago. Not knowing if it works or not, we still have faith.













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