Emilie Sin-yi Choi 蔡倩怡

researcher, curator, critic & writer

CHOI Sin-yi (Emilie) is a Hong Kong-based researcher, curator and critic concentrating on film art, moving images and time-based media in general. She graduated in 2014 from Lingnan University (major: Cultural Studies; minor: Cinema Studies) and worked as a cultural journalist for several years. She is the founder of Cinezen and Hong Kong Actual Image Association. In 2017, she curated the Hong Kong Retrospective Documentary Film Festival: from 80s to 1997 and The Hong Kong Docuthon with a cross-disciplinary approach. Her writings are widely published in Cinezen, City Magazine, Ming Pao, Ming Pao Weekly. She is now doing her MPhil research degree at the Academy of Visual Arts, the Hong Kong Baptist University. Emilie’s research interests include the practice of moving images (in particular Asian documentary, experimental and alternative cinema and video art), art and politics, film festivals, and institutional critique on cultural sector and art spaces. Her current MPhil research is on the experimental practices of Hong Kong moving images. She aims, on the one hand, to examine alternative histories and the formation of the self through visual forms and narratives and, on the other, articulate these practices within the discourse of Hong Kong’s (post-)colonial history and identity politics. She believes that writing and curating is a process of knowledge-mapping and the creation of publics. 

蔡倩怡曾為是《號外》和《明報周刊文化版》的全職記者。本科文化研究,半途修讀視覺藝術。「映畫手民」編輯,香港真實影像協會創辦人。2017年,策展《從80到97香港紀錄片專題回顧展》及《The Hong Kong Docuthon》,關注亞洲另類影像、紀錄片、影像歷史及政治、影展研究及文化研究;相信從影像的書寫與策展來構築知識生產,與介入公共空間。現為香港浸會大學視覺藝術學院的碩士研究生,研究範疇聚焦於香港流動影像。 c.v. [Choi Sin Yi CV] 映畫手民(cinezen)www.cinezen.hk

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