Cutting Thoughts 04 剪紙憶思之四

Cutting Thoughts 04 剪紙憶思之四

Cici Wu 武雨濛

發表於: 06 Apr 2022

In the 4th piece of her Cutting Thoughts, NY-based artist Cici Wu articulated her liminal state in search of her presence as part of multiple continua — human and cosmic. 剪紙憶思》之四。武雨濛讓思潮流淌是自由,涓流所到之處風景卻不一樣。個人、存在、氣質,都在眾數的連續體中浮沈、穿梭,自有其道。

*feature image: courtesy of the author Cici Wu


| Cici Wu 武雨濛

Because when you talk about difference, there are many ways to receive it; if one simply understands it as a division between culture, between people, between entities, one can’t go very far with it. But when that difference between entities is being worked out as a difference also within, things start opening up. Inside and outside are both expanded. Within each entity, there is a vast field and within each self is a multiplicity.”

-Trinh T. Minh-ha


十一月三十號 (30 November 2021)

It is a critical time, yet it is also a time to reveal more truths. Greed, desire, fear, and many good things too, surfacing themselves. If you can hold on to the most treasurable thing and go for it in this time, I believe you will have it. Decisions seem to carry extra weight in this time. For whatever I hold dearly to my heart, no one knows but myself. If you didn’t compromise in this time, then you will hardly ever compromise anytime later. I tend to believe that it is a time to learn the interests of everyone and what holds them alive.

Fate, something impermanent which holds mystical power to move people and things around… I don’t know what else we should do other than remember or try to not forget all the tiny strong wishes we put in each day, every day.

A pair of new eyes. That’s what we got after all.

I want to stay honest to my own unique temperament, which I recently came to understand as something more indescribable than I imagined. It’s not something that can be perceived from the mere surface. Producing further distance as a result is what I want to avoid in my work from now on, regardless of whether the distance is physical or psychological. In the meantime, I want to create more things that belong to the realm of the unpredictable.

Forget dislocation, and remember the cosmic connections between us.

Cici Wu’s video on her quarantine experience just went online in #4 “Voices from the Atmosphere” of Floating Projects’ v-zine D-Normal/V-Essay. [watch the video …]



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