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Multiple artists / Voices from the Atmosphere (4): open space「大氣中融融細語」(四): 天大地大
Cutting Thoughts 04 剪紙憶思之四

Cutting Thoughts 04 剪紙憶思之四

In the 4th piece of her Cutting Thoughts, NY-based artist Cici Wu articulated her liminal state in search of her presence as part of multiple continua — human and cosmic. 《剪紙憶思》之四。武雨濛讓思潮流淌是自由,涓流所到之處風景卻不一樣。個人、存在、氣質,都在眾數的連續體中浮沈、穿梭,自有其道。

Floating Projects Collective 2023