Manifesto 2 team / “Documentary Impulses” Book Launch meeting series 03《記述的衝動》新書發佈見面系列 03

Manifesto 2 team / “Documentary Impulses” Book Launch meeting series 03《記述的衝動》新書發佈見面系列 03

Manifesto 2 Team

發表於: 28 May 2021

Our Manifestos 2 book launch conversations 03 ***conducted in Cantonese 

**post updated 2 June 2021

For Manifestos: a celebration for now

6 June 2021m @ Floating Projects
6-7pm reception party: meet the artists/manifesto writers
7-9pm screening and discussion

Event post [… …]


Selected works for screening:

[extract of] Knee Play 1-5 《膝劇一至五》 (2016) 37’m Aurora Trip Sitter 極光導賞團
[extract of] Moonrise After 《浮城之後》 (2020) 25m58s Don Yuk-hei TSANG 曾旭熙
Dispersive Hijacker… 《游離寄生》 (2020) 2m18s Wing-yan YU 余穎欣
Swim, in the sea of Victoria 《游泳,在維多利亞的海洋》 (2019) 14m Joris Man-chiu WU 胡文釗


Don Yuk-hei TSANG 曾旭熙

#我創我世界 #看不見的實在  #World-building #The Invisible

“I believe the fundamental meaning of life relies on feelings, but my model of life has been inspired by the freedom in video-making. This sense of freedom is always in tension with the outside world. “









The Aurora Trip Sitter 極光導賞團

#城市漫遊 #我創我世界 #Flanerie #World-building


“We strongly emphasize rebellious҉ revolutionary҉ low-end҉ aesthetics. We insist to produce video art in low-budget and 1-person or multiple-person production teams; low definition, low resolution, and low video quality with background removal and glitchy textures; low-finishing with subjects out of focus, unstable frames, non-continual editing, and unsynced sound.”
「我們強調極端的 ҉反 ҉叛 ҉式 ҉革 ҉命 ҉式 ҉的 ҉低 ҉端 ҉美 ҉學 ҉,堅持低預算一人而至數人的製作團隊生產的錄像藝術;低傳真、低解像度、低質素的去取背景等具失真與毛刺的錄像質感;低完成度如不聚焦被攝者、不穩定畫面、不連續性剪接、不同步聲畫等不完美的錄像技術。」






Wing-yan YU 余穎欣

#看不見的實在 #城市漫遊 #感應體 #The Invisible #Flanerie #Sensing Body

“One of the reasons technologies come into being is that humans yearn to extend their own abilities. Today, we co-exist with various technologies, and in fact can hardly live without them. To discuss images, we must imagine the lens as an eye of ours, and we must get used to this additional “eye” and utilise it often to discover the ways we observe the world. “


Joris Man-chiu WU 胡文釗

#我創我世界 #表裏一致:內部性/外在性 #World-building #Interiority/Exteriority 
— “I regard the poetry of imagery as a personal dream journey. I pick up the video camera and construct my own imagery. Your relationship to me is as though you are reading my dream diary.”


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