Natalie Chao / …in their dreams they will see where I went (Wilderness Poems #2)

Natalie Chao / …in their dreams they will see where I went (Wilderness Poems #2)

Natalie A. Chao 趙芷妮

發表於: 05 May 2020

A second one in video Manifesto 2 artist Natalie A. Chao’s “Wilderness Poems” series, in connection to her video work Are We all Wilderness. 錄像宣言2創作人趙芷妮《荒野詩》系列作品2.

…in their dreams they will see where I went / Natalie A. Chao [Personally Speaking 私物語] [Coffee Fantasia 咖啡經]


they all get to come with me, my family
they get to pick an animal and ride on its back
and make a wish

But what if they can’t come?
then I will go and ask the unicorns for no more fighting
and peace
and everyone doesn’t fight with fists
they fight with words
like doctor king
and like the speech thingy like I have a dream speech.
I would keep dreaming
and keep on believing what you believe in
you don’t have to give up on hopes.

What if you want to come back? How could you?
I would ask the magic tree to open
a portal
and the next day there will be a portal
and I will go through it,
no one will know cause I went there at night
but it is day here

And then whenever I come back
I will go back to grandma’s room
and go to sleep
and act like nothing happened
but in their dreams
they will see where I went,
but they think it is not real.

What if you go to the unicorn land and it is not what you expected?
That is normally what happens.
I would stay there—
for a tiny bit
but then I would get scared and want my family
so I would go back
I would be sad maybe
maybe I would rent an airplane, no—
maybe the unicorn will make me
a portal…

//end of poem



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