WONG Chun-hoi / Look at that picture! – a synchronized winter, alas, after 3 years 看圖識事:三年後,同步過冬

WONG Chun-hoi / Look at that picture! – a synchronized winter, alas, after 3 years 看圖識事:三年後,同步過冬

WONG Chun-hoi 王鎮海

WONG Chun-hoi 王鎮海

發表於: 22 Dec 2015

18 July 2012, Image courtesy of Fiona Lee
18 July 2012, Image courtesy of Fiona Lee


This is a scene captured on camera some time around 18th July, 2012, in an industrial building in Kwai Chung. A few of us were in the studio of Fiona Lee’s (Left 1) that day. She was preparing her light bulb sound performance <<delight>> for an upcoming exhibition in Korea. We went there to give our humble comments to a preview of her rehearsal. Jasper Fung (Left 2) and Wong Fuk-kuen (Left 3) were my colleagues in the SCM Annual (graduation show) 2012 committee. We were all Aries, the super troublesome in the committee group. SCM Annual ended mid-July that year. I guess we were going to Fiona’s studio together right after packing up the dismantled works of the graduation show. Since we had nothing to do at that time in my studio, just nearby, we moved from Block C to Block B inside that same hell of an industrial building.

The four cans of beer on top of the table are the evidence of some serious discussion triggered.

The three limited editions of a “misfit” Philips light bulb make me wonder, curiously, how many more of that kind of light bulbs Fiona still has in stock. She once told me that she no longer wanted to be a “light bulb artist.”
Her laptop computer was already rather worn out and doomed at that time, as far as I remembered.
Three years have gone by. Fiona finally managed to change the DMX system that connected all light bulbs using “control voltage.” I would never forget the annoying interface we were all stuck with back then – MAX/MSP version 5 with its chaotic and ugly straight lines.

Wong Fuk-kuen in the photo looked a bit bored, above everyone without being condescending. Ever since then, he has been driven by the constant need to look up to see the clouds. Perhaps it is more in his nature to take a high angle. In order to see things on a normal horizon, he needs the lead of a tube or some pipe structure to guide his vision.

Jasper Fung’s right fist should be, as one may guess from the photo, grabbing an unlit cigarette. He seemed to be in a bit of a rush to have his puff, and yet maintained a calm position, as he always did in the presence of others, and so did his art works.

From 2012 to 2015, we worked together occasionally in several sound-related events, forming a collaboration team something like a new generation of sound-makers. They were often the artists of the shows and I was the curator or technician. Perhaps it was my “big brother” syndrome at work, I could not recall any moments when I felt we were “playing together” on equal landing, until…

Two weeks ago, Jasper said he would be back in Hong Kong from Europe for a warmer New Year holiday. Around the same time, Fiona was looking for an on-site location for her appearance in a TV documentary program. Three weeks ago, Wong Fuk-kuen happily lost his full-time job. A few days ago, a Ph.D. researcher from outside Hong Kong wanted to have a group interview with all four of us. …

It was only until then we recalled that occasion in the photo – when we said to one another, something like, “Let’s have a gig together one day!”

[**This piece was written on the eve of Floating Projects’ Spatial Pressure Calibration series 0.04, 20 Dec 2015.]

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看李穎姍的電腦,當時已是千蒼百孔,3年多後才剛剛把控制燈泡的dmx主腦用control voltage連起來,我還記得那個MAX/MSP 5的討厭直線介面。




[**本文寫於2015年12月20日「據點空間壓力測試 」系列 0.04 的前夕,記敘是晚表演的前緣。]




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