MAKE FOR GREEN, 4 briefs for participatory design-fiction for climate action 四個造「綠」的參與性點子

MAKE FOR GREEN, 4 briefs for participatory design-fiction for climate action 四個造「綠」的參與性點子

Ray LC Studio for Narrative Spaces

發表於: 21 Dec 2021

MAKE FOR GREEN, conceived by Ray LC with other local researchers through the Studio for Narrative Spaces, resulted in a pop-up exhibition of participatory art works using design fiction approach to actions for climate change. Although the show is finished, Ray shares the process, rationale, and deliverables of this short exercise.

The action briefs are transferable. please create your own action projects for climate change.

Organizing Team: Bengi Agcal, RAY LC, Zijing Song, Jing Wong, Luk Marco Lui, Teresa Siu.

[the resulting projects]


INTRODUCTION — getting involved, basic game rules, prompts

Welcome to our community of fledging survivors of a coastal community at the edge of time. We live in a speculative realm where various physical challenges impose limitations on what our community can do. You have been assigned to one of the teams associated with a particular activity. As teams you are free to barter and exchange goods in order to further your aims. You can also make rules and arrangements with each other as to achieve your goals. Feel free to help each other and communicate, but most importantly, do so in order to get your task accomplished. The most popular, best works produced by particular teams will have the prize of being able to exhibit at JCCAC on 18-19 Dec.

This work is part of a research project by HKUST and City University of Hong Kong. By participating, you give the organizers consent to use anonymous results as part of their research. No identity will be revealed at any part of the research process. However all personal circumstances such as medical issues that may arise from the physical activities are the sole responsibility of the participant and we are not liable to any claims made in regards to physical injury. As such please take physical risks only at your own peril.



BLUE TEAM “limit in time”

The coastline of our community is slowly changing due to the sea level rises occurring sporadically at this hypothetical time. Tidal flooding is becoming a regular issue, causing destruction of gardens, waste facilities, and energy harvest devices. As architect-artists of our realm, your team will build a shelter to protect our coastal home. The shelter can take many forms, including something as simple as walls or as complicated as canal systems, so you’re encouraged to go down to the beach to investigate. Keep in mind the artistic purpose. Please sketch out your ideas first. You have until 2pm to complete the task.


RED TEAM “limit in space”

Certain waste can accumulate over long periods of history, and their mitigation can be complicated by changing customs, languages, and practices. For example, nuclear waste can take millenia to dissipate, by which time cultures can shift such that warning messages and boundaries can become obsolete. As explorer-artists of our realm, to identify depositories of long term trash and waste, and establish potentially innovative sign-posted boundaries, we will map locations for nuclear and biological waste in the area by exploring the area, map out potential waste sites, and sketch out an artistic map.


GREEN TEAM – “limit in resource”

Due to the decline of natural resources depleted by over-consumption, our community is plagued by the lack of sustainable, renewable energy sources. To address this issue while building engagement amongst the community, you will build a renewable generator that harvests natural sources of energy for sustained development. As engineer-artists of our realm, you will gather or trade for materials, sketch out a design, and prototype a device which does not have to completely work. Keep in mind artistic purpose of the work and think about the potential future development of technology that enables the design.


YELLOW TEAM – “limit in life forms”

Due to the progressive changes in planet psychology, our community is suffering the loss of biodiversity, both in terms of animal and plant life forms. In order to preserve tradition and heritage that can document the planet’s life forms in a future that can depend on such diversity, you as collectors-artist will move around the area to discover the wildlife (sea creatures, plants, insects, small mammals etc.) and design and create an exhibition of works to inform the community. You can create names for the species you discover and plan for a future in which species may be lost. This can include sketches and specimens.

**Visit the 8 WORKS created from these FOUR briefs by 12 artists.

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