Manifesto 2 team / “Documentary Impulses” Book Launch meeting series 01 《記述的衝動》新書發佈見面系列 01

Manifesto 2 team / “Documentary Impulses” Book Launch meeting series 01 《記述的衝動》新書發佈見面系列 01

Manifesto 2 Team

發表於: 19 May 2021

Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses Book launch series

General Information: http://floatingprojectscollective.net/events/book-launch-manifesto2/

23.5 (Sun) | 7-9pm
@「據點。句點」Floating Projects    


Videographers Winnie Wai-yin Yan, Chung-yan Wong, Jiaru Wu and Pak-hang Wong‘s work screening and sharing (in Cantonese) | discussion facilitated by Winsome Wong

Questions for discussion: (1) What was the original motive of making the work in this series? (2) What’s the artists’ relation to their tools and psychological state of mind? (3) What were/are some of the things expressed deliberately by negative measures? (4) How much does one want to disclose oneself in a work, or not? (5) How does text and image work together? (6) What does the present “I” think of a work that was made a while back?

2016 年,以研究主導創作的跨領域藝術家黎肖嫻博士開展了錄像書寫宣言計劃,其時,製造影像的工具無遠弗屆、層出不窮已不是新鮮事,正是思量如何重新開發聲影活動的時候,藉此推動錄像藝術的轉化。錄像藝術強調以流動影像去「書寫」;書寫即意味著積極主動的把我們個人的主體性插入以懲治與操控為本的當代社會。我們慶幸能夠集合到一群遺世獨立、勤懇奮進的錄像書寫人在一起;各人帶來了激烈的思辯以外,也能為自己的創作於當下留下註腳,繼續上路。中英雙語、共365頁的《我們的錄像宣言 ② 記述的衝動》囊括了49位本地與海外錄像書寫人的錄像宣言、共67份錄像作品,將於5月25日正式發行,在這段時期,我們邀請到好些參與《錄像宣言 ②》的錄像書寫人放映他們的作品以及進行分享。

The Manifesto series on videography, launched in 2016, is a project initiated by research-based interdisciplinary artist, Dr. Linda Chiu-han Lai, to encourage the re-purposing of videography in a time when image-making tools are ubiquitous. Videography highlights “writing” with moving images; and writing asserts the proactive insertion of our subjectivities into our contemporary society of discipline and control. And we have gathered self-directed, diligent videographers to enter a series of rigorous dialogues and to become a theorist of their own practice. <Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses> (2019-2021), a 365-page bilingual book, which includes 49 local and overseas videographers’ manifestos, and a total of 67 video works, will be released on 25th May. In the meantime, we have invited some of the participating artists of <Our Manifestos II> to preview their works and share their manifestos.







將會放映的作品 Video works to be screened:
Parasympathetic_HK_1〈副交感神經_HK_i〉 (2016) 10’28” | Jiaru Wu 吳佳儒
Localized Blindness〈局部失明〉(2019) 19’45” | Winnie Wai-yin Yan  忻慧妍
The Other Story 〈其他故事〉(2018) 9’11” | Chung-yan Wong  黃頌恩
Habitation 〈安居〉(2018)14’37” | Pak-hang Wong 黃百亨


Localized Blindness《局部失明》(2019) 19’45”
在未有任何實際考量之先本想做一部大約25 分鐘的作品,理由無他,是想以長度去把所有痛楚拉出歇斯底里,也同時借以說服自己這作品存在的重要,最終〈局部失明〉花了一整年才劃上句號,把2019 年的徊看與2018 年重疊交錯。

I wanted to create a 25-minute work without any practical considerations, the only reasons being that I wanted to hysterically drag out all the pain using the length of the video, and that I needed to convince myself of the importance of this work. In the end, Localized Blindness took me a whole year to complete, overlapping the year 2018 and the reminiscences in 2019.

#敘事遊戲#城市漫遊#表裏一致:內部性/外在性 #Narrative Game #Flanerie #Interiority/Exteriority
— 忻慧妍 Winnie Wai-yin Yan


Habitation 《安居》(2018)14’37”


Circulation, extension, and unconscious flow are important elements in my past artworks. The state of being seemingly free but trapped in constant repetition represents the spiritual embarrassment faced by people in contemporary life.
#我創我世界 #居所 #眼定定  #World-building #Habitat #An Eyeful Of…

— Pak-hang WONG 黃百亨


The Other Story 《其他故事》(2018) 9’11”
It is more than a point of view or virtual reality-like sense of presence, and the sense of loss caused by historical repetition.The mobility of the handheld shot makes me expect the scurrying of images, and I am alarmed by the doubtful and guarded love I have for video.

#要記住#居所 #To Remember… #Habitat
— 黃頌恩 Chung-yan Wong

Parasympathetic_HK_1《副交感神經_HK_i》 (2016) 10’28”
百多年以來,外在的影像雖然不能改變我們被時間與空間所困的事實,卻為人類與記憶帶來了最直接的互動。For more than a hundred years, images have brought about direct interaction between human beings and their memory. Of course, this is an external thing, it cannot solve the reality of us being trapped within time and space.

#城市漫遊#另一條路#要記住#感應體 #Flanerie #Detour/Divergence #To Remember… #Sensing Body

— 吳佳儒 Jiaru Wu


Upcoming events:

Book Launch series 02: 28 May 2021 (On-line, in English)
Book Launch series 03: 30 May 2021 (On-line, in Cantonese mainly)


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